Lens geometries

Lens geometries

ZEISS Sunlens portfolio includes different typologies of sun lens geometries: from classical ones to patented & innovative shapes.

ZEISS Sunlens laboratories are specialized in developing innovative shapes for every sunglass style and field of application. For the fashion – lifestyle field, the sun lens portfolio offers timeless lenses, as well as flat and large diameters, in line with the latest sunglass trends. For the sport – performance field our laboratory developed a variety of wrapped lenses and innovative patented geometries that offers the wearer protection and improved peripheral vision.

ZEISS Sunlens portfolio includes the following geometries:

Standard sun lens shapes

  • Spherical and decentered premium sun lenses have a surface with constant curvature through all sections.
  • Toric lenses have a surface that varies in curvature between each section of the surface, from a minimum to a maximum value.

V-Technology - Patented

V-TORIC, VooDoo™ and V4-20® are technically advanced designs with a varying curvature which closely conforms to the contours of the face and enables a safe, distortion-free, optically sharp lateral vision.

EVS (Enhanced Visual System technology) - Patented

The EVS is designed to restore the peripheral vision field lost with standard shapes: objects located at 90 degrees are back to their true position while leaving the central viewing zone free of distortion.

Winter screen snow goggles

Spherical, cylindrical, toric snow goggles are developed for skiing and snowboarding to ensure performance, safety and enjoyment on the slopes.

F.E.N.S. 4 - Frame Edgeable Nylon Shield

F.E.N.S. 4 is a thick polyamide, base 4 shield, that can be edged into a lightweight, colourful frame. The F.E.N.S. offers versatility and flexibility of shapes and tints to sunglasses frame designers.