Mirrors & Coatings

Mirrors & Coatings for Sun Lenses

Style and performance at their best

Thanks to an advanced production process, ZEISS Sunlens offers an assorted choice of cosmetic and performance coatings for premium sunglasses with outstanding results in terms of adhesion, scratch resistance and long-lasting qualities.

The mirror range includes a wide selection of stylish mirror, performing coatings for different purposes.

ZEISS Sunlens portfolio includes the following coatings:


In 1935, Carl Zeiss patented their first anti-reflective coating and the company is today's industry leader in performance coating technology. Today, Sunlens anti-reflective reduces the undesired reflected light from the surface of the sun lenses and eliminates all ghost images that could affect the visual performance required for a relaxed, comfortable vision.

Performance sun lenses coating treatments

  • Ri-Pel, Tri-Pel and Tri-Flection (patentend) series: hydrophobic, water-repellent, anti-static, easy-to-clean features.
  • The premium Hard Coating for quality sunglasses, a super tough lacquer resin for superior scratch resistance.
  • An anti-fog coating for sunglasses for extreme sports.

Sun lens mirrors

The mirror range includes the series Standard, Super, Gradient, Flash and Multi-layer series for premium sun lenses, each one with different layers deposition and light absorption creating a shiny, bright effect and a stylish look.