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ZEISS brand

Made by ZEISS

With ZEISS you rely on over 160 years of experience and leading innovation in different fields of optics. This is why astronauts, Google Earth, Nobel Prize laureates and Hollywood directors place their trust in ZEISS optics. And since 1912, that expertise has been present in every pair of precision spectacle lenses we manufacture. That was the year of a quantum leap. For the very first time, we brought our vast optical experience to ophthalmic lenses. Since then, we’ve been dedicated to better vision.

Sunlens Brands: ZEISS

Exclusive product portfolio

ZEISS portfolio presents a range of exclusive products, developed offer the greatest optical performance and advanced quality.

  • Exclusive colours: the Skylet and Ultra family and the polarised series Skypol and Ultrapol.
  • Exclusive coatings: the anti-reflective Gold ET and AR Bluez for the finest glare-free comfort, and the stylish look of the Hipro mirrors.
  • RX range

What makes ZEISS sunlenses superior to other lenses in the market?


  • The superior optics and product innovation contained in each lens, proper of Carl Zeiss centenary expertise.
  • More stringent quality standards and tests than the sunglasses industry requirements: every ZEISS sunlens is optically certified with the same parameters used for ophthalmic lenses.
  • ZEISS exclusive qualification process: ZEISS Sunlens offers an outstanding service that aims at guaranteeing the optical quality of the sunglass. Our laboratory tests the visual performance of the sunglass in order to offer ZEISS customers and consumers a perfect pair of spectacles.
  • The only identifiable sunlens on the market: a semi-visible “Z” engraved into each ZEISS sunlens guarantees authenticity and compliance with ZEISS stringent optical perfection.

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In addition to our ZEISS brand we offer a second product line which offers value for money in the delivery of high-performance sunlenses.