Simply see better with progressive lenses

The ZEISS range of progressive lenses is the perfect solution – even for first-time wearers.

We’ve all heard stories about the trouble people have getting used to their new progressive lenses – dizziness, headaches, neck strain and fatigue... and, of course, the risk of tripping when climbing stairs. Some people still don’t feel comfortable with their new glasses even after wearing them for several weeks. This is why first-time wearers, in particular, tend to shy away from progressive lenses. So, what exactly should you take into account if you are considering buying your first pair of progressive lenses?

It happens to all of us at some time. Our eyes gradually lose their ability to read. Suddenly, we can neither read texts at close range nor recognize objects in the distance. It’s time to get a new pair of glasses with progressive lenses. These state-of-the-art lenses allow us to focus sharply on distant and close-up objects – and on everything in-between as well. This is all made possible by a special lens design. However, as with all advanced products, the differences in quality are immense. After all, a good progressive lens can only perform optimally if it provides the wearer with totally relaxed and natural vision precisely tailored to his or her personal needs and visual performance.

Especially for patients purchasing their first pair of glasses, it is important to receive a lens that provides immediate wearer tolerance and good value for the money.

ZEISS offers four different types of progressive lenses, allowing your eye care professional to choose the optimum lens for you and with you. The process is much like buying a new car – you can choose from different levels of quality depending on your prescription for near and far vision and what you intend to use your new progressive lenses for.

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You can always expect more if you choose ZEISS progressive lenses. Is that really true?

We definitely think so; after all we want you to be able to enjoy relaxed and natural vision thanks to your new lenses – just like in your younger days. For maximum visual comfort, four different factors are important, and ZEISS progressive lenses deliver on all of them:

  • Fastest possible adaptation and instant comfort (professionals call it spontaneous tolerance)
  • Gentle, infinite transition between the individual vision ranges
  • 20/20 visual clarity at every distance
  • Maximum utilization of visual ranges: due to their progressive lens design and transitions between the ranges for near and distance vision, standard progressive lenses in particular feature visual zones that make it impossible for the wearer to enjoy optimal vision. The better the quality of your progressive lens, the smaller these zones become.

Ranges of progressive lenses

Nevertheless, no matter how much expertise goes into the development and production of eyeglass lenses, the focus is always you – the person who actually wears the progressive lens. Everyone has their own needs and visual habits. This influences what you expect from your new glasses and also the price you pay for them. The first and foremost goal of your eye care professional is to find the perfect solution for you – regardless of whether you are looking for an attractively-priced pair of brand name glasses or customized lenses.

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