Water sports, winter sports or golf: Sports glasses at a glance.

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One major factor determines the outcome of a game: exceptional vision. Whether you’re playing golf, soccer, tennis or hockey, good vision is essential when it comes to optimum performance and safety. If a tennis player can’t follow the ball, it will affect their timing when trying to hit it. Whether you’re an amateur or a pro, you need individually-adapted sports glasses with UV protection. Your eye doctor will help you figure out what kind of sports glasses you need, taking your lifestyle into account – like the perfect colored lenses for winter sports, the right sun and glare protection for water sports like sailing and surfing, or curved lenses to protect against dirt and wind and to help you see clearly right up to the edges. Find out about this and more in “Better vision when playing sports.” 

Glasses for Water Sports

Whether you like sailing, surfing, diving or swimming, what's the secret to choosing a great pair of water sports glasses?

Our top 10 tips for sports eyewear

What should you keep in mind when purchasing sports eyewear? Learn more about how to improve your athletic performance while still protecting your eyes.

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