Digital Tools

Enhance your patient experience with ZEISS digital tools.

My Vision Profile

Free online lifestyle survey for patients

Patients can take our My Vision Profile survey before their next visit to create a customized lens recommendation based on their lifestyle needs.  The My Vision Profile integrates with the Visuconsult application to make a seamless experience from pre-visit to dispensing.

Visuconsult 100

Online lens demonstration tool

Your digital assistant for individual consultation. Visuconsult 100 application is available for free download in the Apple App store. Easily demonstrate lens powers and types to patients from your iPad or Apple device. Visuconsult integrates with My Vision profile to preload patient survey questions and details.

Download the free ZEISS VISUCONSULT 100 App to access your digital assistant for individual consultation on iOS Tablets free from the App Store.

Pre Visit Prep Application

Short lifestyle quiz for patients

A streamlined visual quiz for patients to take before their next visit. Pre Visit Prep provides a lens recommendation based on visual needs.  The Pre Visit Prep Application can be added to your website easily. Free to use.