ZEISS Packaging Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did ZEISS change its packaging for finished eyeglasses?

A: ZEISS needed to create packaging that was both more environmentally responsible as well as more "on-brand" for the type of quality experience a customer should expect from ZEISS, and is used to expecting. This is particularly true if they are customers of our other products (camera lenses, binoculars) which have a premium packaging experience. The previous "clamshell" definitely did not have a premium look & feel, and while it may have been recyclable, the item itself wasn't necessarily sourced from recycled materials.

Q: How environmentally responsible is the new packaging?

A: It is a big improvement over the old packaging. The lens wrap (most frames) and microfiber bag (oversize frames) are 100% recycled and 100% reusable. The boxes are recyclable and made of 91% recycled content, which is nearly the highest amount possible. All inks are 100% bio-based. Finally, the certificate of authenticity for ZEISS products is on 100% recycled paper and is recyclable. The old packaging was not made of recycled material, although the plastic itself was potentially recyclable.

Q: Does the new packaging improve patient privacy?

A: Yes. In order for customers to know which pair belongs to which patient, we have always included patient name on the invoice. However, this invoice also had Rx information and was visible on the outside, since the plastic clamshells were see-through, and sometimes the invoice was fastened to the outside of the clamshell. This is not as high a level of privacy as it could have been. The new packaging now has patient name on the outside but the Rx information is on the inside. So, the level of patient privacy is higher than the old packaging while still retaining the ECP's ability to distinguish each box.

Q: What eyeglasses receive the lens wrap versus the microfiber bag?

A: Our intention is for as many ZEISS lenses as possible to be fitted with the lens wrap. Only oversized frames, usually due to wrap angle, or undersized frames (kids) are given the white microfiber bag instead.

Q: What should I do with the lens wrap and/or microfiber bag?

A: We encourage everyone to pass these items along to the patient. Both items are nice complements to the patient's frame case, and in most cases are smaller, so patients may occasionally prefer to use the wrap or the bag when they don't have enough space for the frame case. However, ECPs are also permitted to return them as a protective case for future jobs at ZEISS labs. This is another way to "re-use" them.

Q: Some jobs that are not in a ZEISS branded box do not seem to include the lens wrap and/or microfiber bag, is this on purpose?

A: Yes. Only our ZEISS-branded products in the ZEISS-branded boxes will include these ZEISS-branded accessories, which is the majority of what we sell. We do sell a smaller proportion of other products which will not have these accessories included.

Q: Why is the microfiber cloth no longer included?

A: Microfiber cloths generally already come with the patient's frame case, and some ECPs also include their own cloth. So, with the ZEISS cloth some patients were receiving up to three cloths, which is probably more than they need. We also have studies showing that the wipes samples, which we are now included instead, are a better, gentler cleaning method than the cloths.

Q: The new card with wipes included - what should I do with this?

A: This card and set of wipes is for the patient.

Q: Are there other ways to obtain the microfiber cloth?

A: Yes. Customers who still want the microfiber cloth can purchase them in boxes of 100 for a very low price. Contact your ZEISS representative for more information.