Vision Technologies

For more than a century, Carl Zeiss Vision has innovated prescription lens design and production, creating new technologies that lead to exceptional quality standards for patients—and more precise measurements for you. So you can make your patients’ world a little brighter, more colorful, and safer just by providing them with ZEISS lenses.

C.O.R.E. technology

The location of the center of the eye as it rotates is important in lens design calculations to maximize the fields of clear vision. Standard progressive lenses often assume that every eyeball has the same length. But the actual location of the center of rotation can differ significantly from person to person, which means that many eyeglass wearers will not enjoy the best possible lens design performance.
ZEISS Progressive Individual ® 2 (Patent) utilizes proprietary Center of Rotation Evaluation (C.O.R.E.) technology to provide a more accurate calculation of the lens design. Based on extensive vision research and anatomical measurements of actual eyeglass wearers, the C.O.R.E. algorithm estimates the center of rotation to within 1mm for 99% of wearers. The result is superior visual clarity over more of the lens — without any requirement for additional measurements.
C.O.R.E. technology is now built into all ZEISS customized lenses.
C.O.R.E. technology

ZEISS Optical Optimization & Management

Achieving superior wearer satisfaction requires meeting the interrelated demands of ergonomic comfort and visual clarity. The GT2® family of progressive lenses is the culmination of the ZEISS Optical Optimization & Management approach that synthesizes ZEISS’ cutting-edge expertise in these two key areas:

  • Vision research — Extensive research has given ZEISS designers new insights into the physiological needs and ergonomic preferences of progressive lens wearers
  • Optimization — The latest evolution of the ZEISS point-by-point optimization approach allows precise control of optical performance and wavefront aberrations
ZEISS Optical Optimization & Management

Patients love i.Scription® lenses. The most common reaction is ‘Wow!’
They are very impressed with the equipment.

Michael, OD, Camarillo, CA


The i.Profilerplus® (Patent) — a 3-in-1 device that combines wavefront aberrometry, corneal topography, and autorefraction — swiftly measures more than 1,500 reference points, allowing you to measure all aberrations (higher and lower), and create a custom profile of each eye.

i.Scription® technology

The information from the i.Profilerplus® is used with a standard subjective refraction to determine a wavefront-optimized prescription for each patient written to 1/100th diopter.

ZEISS customized lenses, using i.Scription® (Patent) technology, give your patients clear, high-contrast vision needed at night and in low light, and sharp, more vivid vision every day.