PureCoat® PLUS Anti-Reflective coating

Precision lenses from ZEISS provide exceptionally sharp vision. But harsh glare from digital devices, night driving or environmental obstacles such as a dusty room could compromise your patients’ vision — and potentially damage their lenses. ZEISS has the solution.
ZEISS invented anti-reflective technology over 80 years ago, and has continued to developed unique technologies to help ensure that your patients see their best and their lenses are protected — no matter what life throws at them.
Talk with your patients and let them know that ZEISS lens coatings are available to protect their eyes and their lenses.

How you benefit

Clarity and easy cleaning

  • ZEISS eyeglass lenses featuring the PureCoat PLUS anti-reflective coating are robust because they also offer a hard coating.
  • Thanks to their flat, smooth surface, and anti-static property dust and lint do not easily stick to the surface and the eyeglass lens is dirt-repellent.
  • Eyeglass lenses with PureCoat PLUS are extremely easy to clean thanks to the ultra-smooth CleanCoat. Eyeglass lenses with a large contact angle repel oil and water much more effectively.
  • PureCoat PLUS offers very good anti-reflective properties and comes with a blue reflection color.

PureCoat PLUS

ZEISS PureCoat® PLUS provides a premium coating for eyeglass lenses

Surface and coating structure

  • Pre-treatment and compression through ion bombardment
  • Optimization of internal stress

Hard coating

  • Optimally adapted to the base lens material and the coating structure
  • Strengthened by nano-particles
  • PureCoat PLUS anti-reflection coating

Clean Coat

  • Residual reflection with discreet, blue color
  • Very low reflectance
  • Excellent transparency of over 99%
  • water-repellent
  • dirt-repellent
  • oil-repellent

The beading effect of PureCoat PLUS makes this all possible.

Easy to clean and dirt-repellent all in one

Dirt fights a losing battle with PureCoat PLUS: with its anti-static property and a CleanCoat that smooths the surface of the lens making it more difficult for dirt and dust to adhere and thus enormously simplifying lens care.
Entirely invisible! Water beads right off thanks to the wetting properties of the coating – just like a lotus flower. A beneficial bonus, particularly for anti-reflective lenses, because you are more likely to notice dirt through on lenses without reflections.

Without PureCoat PLUS

Without PureCoat PLUS

As with the leaves of certain plants, liquids and dirt particles collect on the lens surface.

With PureCoat PLUS

With PureCoat PLUS

Like on a lotus leaf, liquids and dirt simply bead off the lens thanks to the CleanCoat and anti-static property pf PureCoat PLUS.

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