Single vision lenses

From attractively-priced to state-of-the-art

Are you totally satisfied with your glasses? Whether you need lenses for reading or distance vision, precisely-fitted single vision lenses are a must. ZEISS offers four levels of quality, ranging from traditional spherical up to individualized lenses. Modern ZEISS technology can produce extraordinarily flat and lightweight lenses, even for high prescriptions. Together with your eye care professional, you can tailor your new lenses to meet your own personal needs.

How you benefit

Single vision lenses to meet any requirement

  • ZEISS single vision lenses offer four quality categories that are sharply focused on your visual needs.
  • Optimization of the lens power, also for high prescriptions, for easy-to-wear, comfortable eyeglasses and an attractive appearance.
  • High break resistance and therefore ideal for sports and children's glasses.
  • Better night vision: you can also order ZEISS progressive lenses with i.Scription® technology – for even better contrast perception and color intensity.
  • You can select additional lens coatings and extras - such as the DuraVision Platinum® premium coating, tinted lenses or self-tinting lenses with PhotoFusion technology.

What quality category should you choose when?

Clear vision, attractive appearance and wearing comfort

Single vision lenses contain only one dioptric power. Depending on your prescription, various lens materials are available to ensure that you can choose the thinnest, lightest lenses possible.

ZEISS Single Vision Sph: The traditional lens

1// ZEISS Single Vision Sph

The traditional lens

ZEISS Single Vision Sph is a spherical lens with point-focal imagery. Peripheral blur can be minimized to provide high visual quality. Available in both plastic and glass, they can be used for both high and low prescriptions in the form of distance or reading lenses. Modern manufacturing methods make it possible to produce these exceptionally lightweight lenses. Plastic single vision lenses can reduce the weight of eyeglasses by up to 40 percent compared to glass lenses.

ZEISS Single Vision AS: the lens for a better appearance

2// ZEISS Single Vision AS

The lens for a better appearance

Highly curved lenses - no, thank you! Thanks to their rotationally symmetrical, aspheric front surface, ZEISS Single Vision AS lenses are characterized by low curvature and very good imaging properties. They are particularly suitable for wearers with high prescriptions. Lenses can be produced that are up to 20 percent lighter and thinner, and all with considerably reduced curvature for attractive glasses.

ZEISS Single Vision Superb

3// ZEISS 3D Single Vision:

more freedom for your eyes

Freeform technology is the magical word that makes these lenses so special – and that provides you with crystal-clear vision. The entire lens surface is optimized point-by-point to ensure you enjoy optimum vision. Forget about peripheral distortion – it's a thing of the past! Every ZEISS 3D Single Vision lens is designed and produced for each individual wearer and prescription, incorporating sphere, cylinder, axis, prism and prism base. The result: you receive an even more comfortable single vision design.

ZEISS Clever Gifts

4// ZEISS Individual Single Vision:

for tailor-made vision

Is more individualization possible? Yes. Even more of the wearer's personal parameters are incorporated in ZEISS Individual Single Vision lenses. Your personal higher-order aberrations are also taken into account. This is achieved with wavefront technology which allows the lens surface to be optimized to provide you with superb visual quality. All parameters measured by the eye care professional are incorporated in the production of the lens using freeform technology. ZEISS Individual Single Vision lenses guarantee outstanding wearer tolerance. There is simply no better way of adapting lenses perfectly to the needs of each individual wearer!

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