Polarizing sunglass lenses.

Improved clarity and reduced glare.

What do polarizing sunglass lenses do?

Polarized lenses are a must-have for skiers and water sports enthusiasts, but they also help almost any sunglass wearer enjoy better vision. A special coating reduces irritating reflected light, such as sunlight on a wet road, snow, water or metal. At the same time, a special tint improves contrast and color perception.

The result: fewer irritating reflections on the lens, giving you especially clear, comfortable vision – even in bright sunlight. This useful extra is great not only if your eyes are sensitive to glare, but also for driving, spending time on the beach, playing sports or performing other daily activities. Polarizing sunglass lenses ensure significantly increased visual comfort. And of course, sunglass lenses with a ZEISS polarization filter offer 100% protection against UVA and UVB radiation.

Here's how polarization works

Natural light travels in all directions. It is therefore classified as unpolarized. When light beams come into contact with a reflective surface, such as sunlight hitting water, snow, a wet road or a sunglass lens, it is reflected back and diverted in a particular direction. In other words, it's polarized.

The majority of this light is vertically polarized, meaning it is arranged vertically. However, a polarization filter in the sunglass lens is aligned vertically and thus blocks the reflected light, almost completely eliminating reflections off water, wet roads or snow.

Without Polarization Filter With Polarization Filter
Without Polarization Filter
With Polarization Filter

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