Sunglasses with mirror coating

Sunglasses with a mirror coating: ZEISS DuraVision® Mirror.
A fashion statement and a convenient extra.

  • Sunglass lenses with a mirror coating – who are they for?

    Sunglass lenses with a mirror coating – who are they for?

    They help you cultivate a unique look – and aren't just fashionable, but also entirely functional: sunglass lenses with a ZEISS DuraVision Mirror coating provide crystal-clear vision with significantly reduced reflections. This improves visual comfort, both in extreme light conditions, such as up in the mountains or in the snow, as well as on the beach, in the park or when you're shopping or playing sports. Two special coatings make this possible: an anti-reflective coating on the back surface of the lens and a mirror-coating on the front. DuraVision® Mirror sunglass lenses also repel dirt and are particularly easy to clean.

    Here's our fashion tip: choose from eight different exciting mirror colors to ensure fabulous results – from red to green and blue and extending to silver and gold. Lenses with a mirror coating are an excellent match for metal frames of every shape.

    Attention drivers: not all tints are suitable for driving.
    No matter what your vision needs are, make sure you speak with your eye care professional to find a tint that's right for you. And of course, sunglass lenses with a ZEISS DuraVision Mirror coating offer 100% protection against UVA and UVB radiation.

    ZEISS DuraVision Mirror coating
  • DuraVision Mirror colors

    DuraVision Mirror colors

    ZEISS DuraVision Mirror coating is available in eight different colors.

    The ZEISS DuraVision Mirror coating is available in eight different colours.
  • Additional options

    Extras for greater comfort and safety

    Glasses for every situation thanks to self-tinting lenses. These darken and clear up at record-breaking speed.

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    All-around protection against the sun, wind and more: sports eyewear with wrapped sunglass lenses.

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    For optimum vision: single vision lenses from ZEISS.

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    Turn your progressive glasses into a pair of sunglasses which protect your eyes against glare and UV radiation. Individualized solutions, even for first-time wearers. Tailor-made progressive lenses from ZEISS.

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    Choose the lens coating that's best for you:

    DuraVision® Platinum – the hardest lens coating ever produced by ZEISS, offering maximum scratch resistance, optimum protection against dust and a highly effective anti-reflective coating.

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  • Find an eye doctor

    Personalized advice: find a ZEISS eye doctor near you

    Find an eye doctor near you. They'll provide you with detailed information and configure individualized sunglass lenses to meet your unique vision needs:

    Find an eye doctor near me

    Want to buy ZEISS premium eyeglass lenses? Looking to find a walk-in eye exam nearby? Need help adjusting your glasses? Use the optometrist/ophthalmologist locator to find a ZEISS eye specialist near you.

    Need help choosing the right ZEISS lens for your vision needs? Create your own MyVision Profile to take into your next exam.

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