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ZEISS is committed to being your business partner – not your competitor. ZEISS is dedicated to support you as an eye care professional to help you deliver the ultimate vision care experience and grow your business. As a ZEISS business partner you can benefit from a wide range of options – from professional marketing support to personalized customer care service.

ZEISS Vision Analysis – the journey to the ultimate vision solution.

At the heart of the ZEISS Vision Expert and ZEISS Vision Center concepts lays the ZEISS Vision Analysis. This is all part of a transparent consulting and sales process designed to provide your customers with everything they need to know about getting a customized pair of glasses. This is a unique and memorable in-store vision and brand experience that offers you clear benefits. After all, the more a patient understands about what they're buying, the more likely they are to opt for a high-quality product. As part of the ZEISS Business Partner Program, we support you with efficient store and marketing concepts, qualified consultation and plenty of opportunities for ongoing education. With ZEISS as your partner, you'll gain the best experience out there for you and your patients.

Our innovative set of steps, including an assessment of your patient’s individual profile — combined with comprehensive measurement technology — will help provide your patients with the lens options for their individual needs.

ZEISS Vision Analysis

Our innovative set of steps, including an assessment of your patient’s individual profile — combined with comprehensive measurement technology — will help provide your patients with the lens options for their individual needs. Here’s how the ZEISS Analysis process can help you differentiate your practice:

  • A simple, five-step methodology that’s easy to use and can be accomplished quickly.
  • Provide your patients with a truly comprehensive vision analysis, which leads to a precise, individual lens solution.
  • Patient education tools that help you guide patients through eyeglass options, such as lens types, materials, coatings, and treatments for sun and glare protection — and how premium upgrades will look and perform. This allows you to help your patients make more confident eyewear choices.

The ZEISS Analysis process allows you to incorporate innovative diagnostic and dispensing technology from ZEISS, including i.Profilerplus® (Patent) and i.Terminal® 2 or i.Terminal mobile. Each element contributes to creating a better vision experience for the patient.

ZEISS Marketing expertise helps make your business successful

The ZEISS Business Partner Program includes marketing materials, marketing assets, content, ZPA incentives, campaigns and much more that will enable you to promote your business, service offering, and ZEISS premium products.

This means you can focus on your core business - and ZEISS Marketing Support will assist you with its exceptional expertise.

ZEISS Practice Advantage

In today’s competitive environment, it takes more than the best lens products to succeed. You also need a partner who will make you stand out in your market, bring new patients to your door, and help them understand the importance of getting the best possible performance from their eyewear.

The ZEISS Practice Advantage provides you with:

  • Exclusive ZEISS education programs, powered by Jobson
  • Access to established industry consultants
  • Special pricing in marketing and business solutions
  • ZEISS in-office solutions including lens demo tools
  • Special pricing for optical and ophthalmic equipment

The more you partner with ZEISS, the greater the rewards

Start earning ZEISS Advantage Points when you join, and redeem them any time you like for powerful practice building programs and optical equipment. With the ZEISS Practice Advantage, you will earn points from the first qualifying pair you dispense, and you can reinvest these points in your practice for even greater benefits.

But that’s only the beginning. As your point total increases, you can achieve new program levels such as Silver, Gold and Platinum, and earn even more points. At these higher levels you’ll also have access to additional resources that will drive growth in your practice. Join ZEISS Practice Advantage today!

Attractive new customer acquisition options

We often don't find the time during the working day to go in search of new patients. Acquisition is actually one of the key factors for lasting success. That's why we offer our business partners many options for attracting the attention of potential customers. This includes:

My Vision Profile

ZEISS's My Vision Profile app for smartphones and internet browsers compiles a detailed customer vision profile and suggests possible correction options. This is an efficient way of acquiring new customers - especially when used in conjunction with the integrated Doctor Finder tool, which brings up a list of local ZEISS partner practices on request.

Find an Eye Doctor

Patients can make use of the Doctor Finder tool on our website and the My Vision Profile app to find a local practice and make an appointment with them via email. This is an excellent marketing tool to draw attention to your business in a simple way.

Templates for mailings and newsletters, postcards and online banners

One key factor for high sales is high foot traffic. The ZEISS Marketing Support team therefore provides you with templates that can easily be customized to draw the attention of potential patients: digital mailings, newsletters and online banners, as well as letters, postcards and much more.

Consumer campaigns

Our consumer campaigns raise awareness - for the importance of good vision and for new ZEISS products, such as ZEISS DriveSafe and ZEISS UVProtect technology. ZEISS is the frontrunner when it comes to innovative new optical products.

Consumer-oriented content with BETTER VISION

People often only take an interest in good vision when theirs starts to deteriorate. We aim to raise awareness among consumers and help them understand that good vision is important - before they start experiencing problems themselves. That's why we've created BETTER VISION, a consumer portal where we present interesting topics related to eye care in a way that's easy to read.

ZEISS is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of eyeglass lenses, and is committed to delivering maximum precision and comfort. ZEISS designs and produces lenses, instruments and measurement systems, as well as retail concepts and technology services that continue to raise the bar in vision care.

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