Proven satisfaction in a progressive lens

GT2 by ZEISS is the all-time best selling semi-finished ZEISS progressive lens in North America, and winner of the Optical Laboratory Association’s Award of Excellence in the “Best in Lens Design” category. Why? Outstanding optics and more comfortable visual ergonomics, which combine to create a higher level of patient satisfaction.

ZEISS Optical Optimization and Management (ZOOM) Technology

Outstanding Optics

ZEISS Optical Optimization and Management (ZOOM) Technology controls the design point-by-point across the lens to minimize the high- and low-order aberrations created by the changing curvature of the lens. This reduces aberrations to their mathematical limits, for clearer viewing zones, smoother transitions, and easier adaptation.

Superior Visual Ergonomics

The visual behavior patterns of over 14,000 presbyopes were evaluated to determine the physiologically optimum position for the near and intermediate viewing zones. This allows more natural eye movement and greater comfort for near and mid-range tasks.

Innovation throughout the lens

Innovation throughout the lens

  • Virtually distortion-free distance vision above the 180 line
  • Corridor length based on proprietary ergonomic research
  • Top of near precisely aligned to average visual angle for reading first line of text on a printed page
  • Total aberration control ensures accurate powers and smooth transitions
  • Patented ZEISS Horizontal Symmetry** assures superior binocular vision at virtually any viewing angle

    **US Patent 4,606,622

Maximized Reading and Distance Vision in Smaller Frames

GT2 Short by ZEISS is designed for smaller frames with fitting heights as low as 13mm. Unlike many short-corridor progressive lenses, GT2 Short features uncompromised distance and reading vision at all fitting heights. The unique progressive geometry delivers continually widening near zone vision as the frame size increases, while maintaining an uninterrupted distance zone.

Benefits to your patients

  • Easy adaptation
  • Exceptional comfort for sustained and dynamic tasks
  • Outstanding visual performance in an affordable semi-finished lens


Benefits to your practice

  • Proven reliability and patient satisfaction
  • Fits large frames (GT2 – Min. fit height 17mm) and small (GT2 Short – Min. fit height 13mm)
  • Excellent upgrade from other semi-finished progressives

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