Single Vision lenses

ZEISS SmartLife Single Vision Lens Technology

ZEISS offers a wide range of single vision products to serve all patient needs.

From affordable conventional single vision lenses to the highest precision with ZEISS Single Vision Individual lenses.

Visual quality, cosmetic appearance and comfort, such as weight, are important factors in the design of single vision lenses. With the availbility of higher refractive indices for both plastic and glass lenses and advanced surface designs make it possible to produce flat, lightweight lenses, offering patients outstanding visual and wearing comfort, even for those with high prescriptions.

ZEISS SmartLife Single Vision Lens Technology

Today’s single vision lenses are usually optimized for one distance only — usually far vision. However, this is an outdated and out of touch model. This is because our increasingly connected and on-the-move lifestyle has had a profound impact on our visual behavior. Understanding this behavior in single vision lens wearers is crucial. ZEISS SmartLife Individual SV optimizes the lens for far-to-near distances. Furthermore, for the first time ever in a ZEISS single vision lens, a 3D object-space model was used to create the next generation of single vision lenses. The new ZEISS SmartView Technology optimizes the single vision lens design for sharp vision in all distances, especially when we lower our gaze to focus on near objects, like smart phones.

Today's Single Vision lenses.

Today's single vision lenses are mostly optimized for one distance only - mainly far vision. As a result, the lower part of the lenses is not optimized for up-close viewing.

ZEISS SmartLife Single Vision lenses.

ZEISS SmartLife Single Vision Lenses are optimized for sharp vision across all distances. This optimization results in up to 88% larger clear fields of view.*

Benefits of ZEISS single vision lenses

Optical performance in the lens periphery is designed for frequent changes of head and eye position driven by the way we interact with our hand-held devices while on the move. The new design provides a smoother transition into the lens periphery with less perceived blur. It facilitates peripheral vision with a more natural dynamic interaction.

  • Better sight at night: ZEISS single vision lenses are available with i.Scription® technology for even greater contrasts and color intensity.
  • Access to leading edge technology: e.g. the most durable ever ZEISS coating DuraVision® Platinum UV as well as self-tinting PhotoFusion lenses.
  • Better vision and a larger range of products; products – from conventional to totally individualized – to serve all wearer needs.

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Offer ZEISS Single Vision Lenses in your practice

  • 94% perceived wide fields of comfortable vision for intermediate and near tasks.*
  • 88% experienced relaxed vision at all distances.*
  • 94% experienced ease of viewing in all directions.*
  • 9 out of 10 rated the quality of vision with ZEISS SmartLife lenses positive.*
  • All CLEAR ZEISS SmartLife lenses include ZEISS UVProtect Technology


Depending on the consumer need, ZEISS offers different performance levels

ZEISS single vision portfolio ZEISS
Single Vision

Single Vision

 3D Single Vision


SmartLife Individual Single Vision

Optimum visual performance
Consideration of all relevant individual data taken by the optician or optometrist.




Sharper vision over the entire lens
Advanced freeform technology allows more precision.



Thinner & flatter lenses
Flatter curvature and less shape magnification.


High quality vision
Optimized surface allows punctual precise optical images.

Better night vision
Available with i.Scription® technology.

Single vision eyeglass lenses are available from ZEISS in many different versions.
Depending on the power you need, lenses made of different materials are available to provide you with an optimum pair of glasses with the thinnest, lightest lenses possible.

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