i.Com mobile

Streamline your workflow – capitalize your conversation flow.

Mobile communication is key to the consultation process in a modern practice. ZEISS i.Com mobile is a versatile, easy-to-use iPad application which transforms your workflow, information processes and communication with your patients. Intelligent data management enables you to concentrate more on patient needs during your measurements and consultation, allowing you to stay one step ahead in the consultation process.

i.Com mobile

Experience an entirely new dimension of flexibility and interaction with your patient. All your measurements taken with ZEISS Instruments can be reviewed on the iPad and are automatically stored on the ZEISS i.Com server, which provides central access to all data from different iPads. Remote control ZEISS i.Profilerplus, ZEISS i.Terminal 2 and Subjective Refraction Unit: ZEISS VISUPHOR & ZEISS VISUSCREEN conveniently via your iPad and WiFi.

The ZEISS i.Com mobile interface is particularly user-friendly; carrying out and controlling examinations are simple and clear.

ZEISS i.Com mobile supports the entire consultation process – from the examination with objective and subjective refraction to lens consultation and centration. Educate your patients on the outcome of the measurements and demonstrate the benefits of ZEISS lenses and their properties.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Completely integrated package of data management, consultation and demonstration functions and modules.
  • Remote control of all ZEISS measuring devices via iPad.
  • Central data storage on the ZEISS i.Com server for multi-user capability.
  • Interface for data transfer from ZEISS i.Com mobile to PMS/EMR.
i.Com mobile - Module “Customer” - Manage all your patient and consultation data

1 // Module “Customer”

Manage all your patient and consultation data, and create individual consultation folders and consultation data. Folders on each purchased lens category can be created per patient, for example.

ZEISS iCom mobile - Module “Exam” - Capture, save and manage all examination data

2 // Module “Exam”

Capture, save and manage all examination data: Load and edit subjective and objective refraction data. Remote control the ZEISS i.Profilerplus, ZEISS VISUSCREEN 500 & ZEISS VISUPHOR 500 to gain all data by a click of a button. A near reading chart is provided; review of wavefront, PSF and ZEISS i.Scription analysis.

ZEISS i.Com mobile - Module “Centration” - Remotely control the ZEISS i.Terminal 2 conveniently

3 // Module “Centration”

Remotely control the ZEISS i.Terminal 2 conveniently from the iPad or use the ZEISS i.Terminal mobile application for mobile centration with the iPad. Load and edit all centration data.

ZEISS i.Com mobile - Module “i.Demo”

4 // Module “i.Demo”

i.Demo is directly embedded in ZEISS i.Com mobile for demonstrating lens features.

ZEISS i.Com mobile - Module “Summary”

5 // Module “Summary”

In the summary module you will find all data captured per patient for edit or direct transmission to common PMS or ZEISS LOGON.

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