New VISUFIT 1000. A new era begins

A digital 3D centration platform

VISUFIT 1000 is a device that offers highly accurate 3D centration and innovative features to create a memorable experience for patients.

The digital age is redefining the optometry practice. Patients are demanding higher service standards than ever, and even experienced eye care professionals are facing new challenges. Customisation and convenience will become key elements of differentiation for your practice.

VISUFIT 1000 will help you address the latest digitalisation trends without sacrificing accuracy or ease-of-use.

It’s time to explore new opportunities.

ZEISS VISUFIT 1000 is a new digital platform that will:

  • Ensure accurate centration to maximize optical performance.
  • Eliminate the use of a frame calibrating clip
  • Enable you to carry out a consultation based on your patient's specific needs, to guarantee that bespoke lenses and frames fit each other perfectly.
  • Help you overcome the barriers between online and offline business.
  • Provide easy customisation of optical solutions.

Is manual centration the best solution for your patients’ needs?

Did you know?

  • Customisation: Patients try more than 10 frames per visit1
  • Inaccurate centration can lead to a 40% reduction in the optical performance of a lens.
  • 69% of patients1 return to practices that use digital centration devices.

1. High Accuracy

3D centration is done by using 9 mutually calibrated cameras to give you a complete 180° view in just one shot. This also means there is no need for a frame calibrating clip that might make patients feel uncomfortable and alter their natural posture.
To avoid vergence even in short distances, the device has a laser speck as a projection to infinity which makes data reliable.
Right and left back vertex distance determination provides an unprecedented level of accuracy in the calculation of the lens design, taking individual wear parameters into account.

Body position assistant

Back vertex determination even with thick temples.

2. Ease-of-Use

Whether you use a computer (PC) or an iPad, managing the centration device is easy and fast, regardless of your level of experience or optical training.
A body posture assistance will help you correct unnatural body posture that can affect the centration process.
If your patient chooses a frame with thick temples, the overlay function will help you to detect the position of the cornea and determine the back vertex distance without trouble.

3. 180° view for unlimited frame comparison

With VISUFIT 1000, you can help your patients get a better idea of what the different frames look like when they try it on. This is the preferred feature for patients, especially those with a high prescription.

4. Lens simulation in frame

This feature helps patients to select the right lens and the right coating or tint for the selected frame. It displays everything together, giving the patient an overview of the final product.
The patient has an amazing buying experience, and there’s no better way to convince them of the benefits of the ZEISS lens and coating range.

Technical Specifications

Visufit 1000

Line voltage

100 V - 240 V AC

Line frequency

50 Hz - 60 Hz

Power Consumption

≤ 350 VA

Mains fuses F1, F2

T4, 0A/H 250 V 5x20 IEC 60127-2/5


CR 2032

Protection class


Overvoltage category


Pollution degree


Laser class

I acc. to 21 CFR 1040.10 and IEC 60825-1:2014



Ambient conditions for intended use

Rel. humidity
Max. height (MSL)

30–85% (no condensation)
3,000 m

Conditions for transport and storage (in original packaging)

Rel. humidity
Pressure range

10–85% (no condensation)
500–1,080 hPa

Dimensions of base

I1050 mm x 698 mm


Instrument (height x width x depth)

1215 - 2065 mm x 1050 mm x 925 mm



approx. 69 kg


Min. ceiling height

2,10 m


Subject to changes in design and scope of delivery in line with technological advancement.

Travel path    

Minimum eye level

110 cm (corresponds to height of approx. 120 cm)


Maximum eye level

195 cm (corresponds to height of approx. 208 cm)


Lifting range

85 cm






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