Safe Eyeglass Disinfection in 40 Seconds.


Order now for introductory pricing at $945 to receive $200 in savings ($50 discount and 2 years total warranty $150 value). *

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Introducing the first UV disinfection technology developed with and for eye care professionals. The ZEISS UVClean can safely and easily disinfect 6 - 10 frames in just 40 seconds

Proprietary design specifically for eyeglasses accommodates frames of all sizes.

Overall dimensions:
12” Wide x 12” High x 20”
Deep and weighs 18 lbs.

Note that your account will not be charged until just prior to shipment of the ZEISS UVClean product. New accounts will be contacted regarding payment prior to order completion.  Orders placed before November 20 are planned to ship out in November. Due to high volume, orders placed after November 20, will require 2-3 weeks for shipment. Pre-order bundles are limited. ZEISS UVClean is regularly available for $995 with an additional extended warranty option for $150.

*Tax & Shipping costs are separate. $20 shipping & handling

Why Choose ZEISS UVClean?

Designed specifically for ECPs •  Proprietary 4 UVC Bulb System • 40 Second Cycle • No Liquids • No Harsh Chemicals • No Smells • No Disposable Waste • Small Footprint • Quiet Operation • One Touch Start • Safe & Gentle on Frames & Lenses • ZEISS Branded Technology • The “Green Option” • $945 pre-order bundle includes - ZEISS UVClean and 2 years total warranty, regularly priced at $1145 when purchased separately • Made in the USA

“UVClean eliminates the burden on staffing to handwash frames each time they are tried on. Our staff loves it, our patients love it, and we can’t imagine how we ever functioned without it. We are always looking for innovative ways to adapt to our changing environment, and we think this will be a blockbuster,” said Lynne, office manager at Carrboro Family Vision.