Clean and fog-free lenses.

ZEISS Antifog Solutions

Lift the Fog

ZEISS AntiFOG Wipes provide fast and effective lens cleaning with the added benefit of fog prevention. Individually wrapped, these wipes are ideal when on-the-go or at home. Your lenses will stay clean and fog-free for up to 24 hours, even when wearing a face mask.

ZEISS Fog Defender System anti-fog spray is an easy-to-use solution to prevent optical lenses from fogging up. Simply spray the solution onto the lens surface and wipe until dry with the included cloth, providing up-to 72 hours of fog prevention.

Fog-Free Vison

Most eyeglass wearers are familiar with lenses fogging up: whether from wearing a facemask, going from a cold environment into a warm one, or consuming a hot beverage. 

ZEISS Fog Defender System and NEW ZEISS AntiFOG Wipes solve this issue with up-to 72 hours of fog prevention.

Why do eyeglass lenses fog up?

Humidity causes water to condense on the lenses. Many small droplets form a non-transparent surface across the lens, creating a contact angle on the lens. The larger the angle, the hazier your vision becomes. When ZEISS Fog Defender System or ZEISS AntiFOG Wipes are applied, the water droplets encounter a hydrophilic film. This ensures there is no contact angle and prevents lenses from fogging up.

In simple terms, eyeglass lenses fog up because of condensation—when warm water vapor from breath, sweat, or humidity-touches a cool surface (the lens) and then turns into small drops of liquid. This liquid is what you see as “fog”.