For over 170 years, the world’s finest quality lenses and precision optics have carried the ZEISS name.

ZEISS lenses now carry a meticulously engraved laser etching of the ZEISS logo.   This discreet ZEISS brand engraving in the upper temporal corners is completely invisible to the wearer and only noticeable upon close inspection.  Now your patients can better appreciate the superlative precision and quality of their ZEISS lenses.

Lenses that initially will be included, as well as requirements for engraving:

  • ZEISS-branded freeform lenses (progressive and single vision)
  • ZEISS-branded semi-finished progressives
  • Frame box measurements must be received at time of order, especially "B"
  • Lenses produced at Carl Zeiss Vision-owned labs only

Current exclusions:

  • Conventional single vision lenses
  • Conventional bifocal, trifocal, and similar lenses
  • Orders without frame box measurements
  • Drill-mounts
  • Glass lenses


An investment in quality you can see.
ZEISS is the first to make sunglass-level protection standard in all-clear lenses

Completely invisible to the wearer.

Visible only at an angle under light.

Behind the Lens.

ZEISS is a 100% Foundation-owned company with 170 years of innovation and excellence in optics. Our legacy is measured in lives changed. Change yours today by finding an eye doctor who offers the best – ZEISS lenses with UVProtect technology.