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Two new solutions to help keep your eyeglasses fog-free

ZEISS Fog Defender System anti-fog spray is an easy-to-use solution to prevent optical lenses from fogging up. Simply spray the solution onto the lens surface and wipe until dry with the included cloth, providing up-to 72 hours of fog prevention.

Case pack quantity = 72 units


  • 0.05oz spray
  • Cloth

NOW INTRODUCING - ZEISS AntiFOG Wipes provide fast and effective lens cleaning with the added benefit of fog prevention. Individually wrapped, these wipes are ideal for use on-the-go or at home. Lenses stay clean and fog-free for up to 24 hours, especially when wearing a face mask.

Case pack quantity = 24,


  • 30 ct ZEISS AntiFOG wipes

ZEISS Lens Wipes

ZEISS Lens Wipes are specially designed for gentle, on-the-move cleaning and work particularly well for smudge and dirt removal from optical lens surfaces.


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