ZEISS innovation in UV protection on display at CES.

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When it comes to eye health, consumers and eye care professionals have many concerns. One is Ultraviolet (UV) radiation - where decades of research have shown UV rays destroy ocular structures, and can cause cancer in the skin surrounding the eye.

More recently, there has been a growing worry over blue light, especially from smart phones and other digital devices. To some degree, the blue light conversation has eclipsed UV concerns. Yet the evidence against blue light is at best unclear. While the media has latched on to blue light, there is today no firm clinical evidence to suggest that blue light from digital devices poses a health risk anywhere close to that of UV. Simply put, the health risks from UV are very real, very well documented and therefore need to be addressed first.

ZEISS is the first to make sunglass-level UV protection standard in all clear lenses – a new benchmark in eye care. And a higher level of direct UV protection for the eyes and surrounding skin. And CES is the perfect platform to showcase this new lens innovation as well as the leading edge tools designed to make the invisible visible.


ZEISS partnered with Sunscreenr to develop the ZEISS C-UV400 tablet specially designed to illustrate the amount of UV protection present in a pair of eyeglasses. For the first time it is possible for an Eye Care Professional to show their patient how much of this invisible light is being blocked and eliminate any concerns about preserving eye health from the impacts of UV. The ZEISS C-UV400 tablet and ZEISS UVProtect lens technology are raising the standard of care and setting a new benchmark for eye care. The ZEISS C-UV400 is set to launch for use in Eye Care Professional offices this spring.


Eyes Need Sunblock Too.

You’d never put sunscreen in your eyes and fortunately you don’t have to. ZEISS now offers all-day UV protection for the eyes and surrounding skin.

Kids Are Especially Vulnerable.

Kids Are Especially Vulnerable.

Kids face three times the UV eye-damage risk as adults. In fact, 50% of lifetime UV exposure happens before age 18. With ZEISS, they’re covered!

Behind the Lens.

Not Just Sunny Days.

UV rays are always there. Even in winter and on cloudy days. ZEISS clear lenses effortlessly protect your eyes every day of the year.

UV protection for all.

The new standard in eye care is ZEISS clear lenses. The only clear prescription lens portfolio that offers sunglass-level UV protection. Find an eye doctor near you who carries ZEISS lenses, or check if your eye doctor offers ZEISS. The most advanced eye protection under the sun. Or clouds.

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