ZEISS Lenses count towards the VSP Global Premier Program

Attract more patients. Earn more savings.

Quality guarantee and exceptional ZEISS lab service

Special offers - earn up to $60 per pair in rebates

Continuous lens innovations and wide product choice

Differentiate your practice with an ally focused on your growth.

ZEISS is focused on supporting the growth of independent optometry and elevating the innovations of the eyecare industry.

  • Reach more patients and earn extra savings with VSP Global Premier Program. All Platinum-level practices  can now get Premier Program ZEISS Savings1 of up to $12 per pair 
  • Earn almost $60 per pair when combined with ZEISS' proprietary Lab and Doctor Alliance Group rebates2.
  • For over 175 years, ZEISS has been a foundation-owned partner to the independent, focused on reinvesting profits into the advancement of the optical industry.
  • Offer your patients unparalleled technology for UV and blue light protection and advanced SmartLife lens designs for on-the-move digital living.

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Setting the standard for Vision Care


Take a fly through tour of our Kentucky HQ and state-of-the-art laboratory facility

What real ZEISS customers are saying about ZEISS and its facilities...

My opinion of ZEISS, was that we were working with the best in the industry. I met so many amazing ZEISS employees, learned so many fun facts about ZEISS & its rich history, and of course, seeing the lab was cherry on top. It was stunning and great to see firsthand what happens to a pair of glasses once they leave an office and head to your lab. I feel like this has provided me with even better tools & more excitement to share what makes ZEISS as special as they are!"

I already knew ZEISS was very innovative and always at the forefront of technology. This just proves it."

We are more and more impressed with ZEISS."


1 VSP Global is including ZEISS in the Premier Program lens target criteria, along with VSP Optics and HOYA, to expand the choices for participating VSP Providers who want to maximize the additional benefits the program offers. Doctors dispensing qualified ZEISS products to VSP patients can earn up to $12 per pair through Premier Program Extra Lens Savings. ZEISS Savings amounts will be paid by VSP through VSP Claims and displayed on the practice Explanation of Payment schedule.

2 ZEISS lab rebates and Doctor Alliance Group rebates are administered and paid by ZEISS and may be combined with ZEISS Savings amounts. Contact your ZEISS representative for details.