A practice like no other.

ZEISS Vision Experience

Create a unique vision experience that will change your practice forever.
Deliver the most comprehensive and advanced eye care technology to give each of your patients the personalized eye care they desire.

Consumers have slowly been moving away from strictly shopping for products, instead seeking a more engaging experience" 


Why ZEISS Vision Experience Centers?

  • Immersive patient experience
  • Leveraging a brand with over 175 years of history and innovation
  • True Independent Differentiation - Make your practice stand out. ZEISS Vision Experience Centers are not owned by ZEISS
International Results - Over 120 worldwide
- Increased ASPs for lenses
- Increased revenue (over non-branded practice)
- Double progressive lens share volume

The ZEISS Vision Experience is the latest innovation to modernize eye exams and shopping for eyeglasses. This cutting-edge eyecare practice offers a variety of services from precise vision measurements and lens consultation, all the way through frame measurement, ultimately ensuring your patients have eyeglasses that fit their needs perfectly. With a legacy of 175 years in lens technology and a diverse portfolio that includes advanced refraction and customizable lenses for every need, ZEISS Vision Experience offers your practice endless possibilities to grow and provide an advanced patient experience.

Vision Center - Berlin, Germany
Vision Center - Johannesburg, South Africa
Vision Center - Hong Kong, China
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