Annual Report of the ZEISS Group 2021/22

Annual Report

Financial highlights

Thinking and Acting Sustainably

Sustainability at ZEISS

Sustainability at ZEISS Keyvisual
Sustainability at ZEISS Keyvisual

As a foundation-owned Company, sustainability and business success are inextricably linked at ZEISS. Sustainable value added is an integral component of the Company's business activity, which focuses on providing innovative solutions that contribute to positive development in society and enable long-term, profitable growth.
As part of its corporate strategy, ZEISS has placed value for society, climate action and circular economy at the focus of its sustainability efforts, setting specific targets for the period up to 2025.

Impressions from the Fiscal Year

Thanks to its long-term investment strategy, balanced portfolio, international setup and globally oriented value chains, the ZEISS Group can look forward to a bright future. In the previous fiscal year, targeted investments helped ZEISS shape the future. Below are some impressions from fiscal year 2021/22.

ZEISS microscope developers win the Deutscher Zukunftspreis 2022

ZEISS microscope developers win the Deutscher Zukunftspreis 2022

Dr. Thomas Kalkbrenner, Dr. Jörg Siebenmorgen and Ralf Wolleschensky have been awarded the 2022 Deutscher Zukunftspreis (German Future Prize) for their contribution to ZEISS Lattice Lightsheet 7. The novel microscope enables gentle 3D imaging of living cells and thus, for the first time, observation of subcellular dynamics in 3D over hours and days. This opens up new possibilities such as for cancer research.

ZEISS celebrates 175 Years

ZEISS celebrates 175 years

To mark its 175th anniversary, ZEISS held a digital ceremony at its founding site in Jena on 16 November 2021, as the highlight of an eventful birthday year, as well as a 24-hour live stream radio show for all ZEISS employees worldwide.

corporate volunteering program "A Heart for Science“

A Heart for Science

ZEISS initiated the new corporate volunteering program A Heart for Science, in which ZEISS employees can pass on their knowledge to the explorers of tomorrow. The program aims to encourage young people to go into science and technology.

ZEISS earns Intel’s 2022 EPIC Distinguished Supplier Award

ZEISS earns Intel’s 2022 EPIC Distinguished Supplier Award

As one of 26 prize winners, the ZEISS SemiconductorManufacturing Technology segment was awarded Intel’s 2022EPIC Distinguished Supplier Award in April 2022. Through thisaward, Intel recognizes ZEISS Semiconductor ManufacturingTechnology's consistently high performance in variousperformance criteria. According to Intel ZEISS SemiconductorManufacturing Technology has been instrumental in thecompany's success, always proving agile and flexible whilechampioning safety, quality, diversity and integration.

ZEISS ClearView - Milestone for Optics and Aesthetics

ZEISS ClearView - Milestone for optics and aesthetics

With ZEISS ClearView eyeglass lenses, the ZEISS Consumer Markets segment has found a way to transfer complex freeform designs to single-vision stock lenses, making complex lens surfaces possible for stock lenses as well. With ZEISS ClearView eyeglass lenses, ZEISS has found a way to transfer complex freeform designs to single-vision stock lenses, making complex lens surfaces possible for stock lenses as well. The surface of the lens is optimized using over 700 free calculation parameters, a significant advance over spherical or aspherical single vision lenses. As a result, ZEISS ClearView eyeglass lenses offer high optical quality from the center to the periphery of the lens, while being significantly thinner and flatter than conventional stock lenses.

ZEISS Medical Technology Acquires Manufacturers for Surgical Instruments

ZEISS Medical Technology acquires manufacturers for surgical instruments

ZEISS Medical Technology acquired two manufacturers of surgical instruments: Kogent Surgical, LLC and Katalyst Surgical, LLC, both based in Chesterfield, USA. ZEISS Medical Technology expects this strategically important acquisition to scale its business and expand its offering in the field of surgical solutions. With FDA approval for MTLawton – a new generation of bipolar forceps for electrosurgery – a first surgical instrument from this acquisition was recently launched on the market.

11th ZEISS Women Award 2021

11th ZEISS Women Award 2021

In October 2021, the 11th ZEISS Women Award was presented in Dresden to three accomplished young students in IT who engage with social and community issues alongside their studies and have personalities that make them ideal role models. The award serves as a platform to publicly recognize successful young women in IT and to encourage more women to consider a career in the digital sector.

Optics Insights 2021/22

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