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Segments of the ZEISS Group

The ZEISS Group is one of the world’s leading technology companies. It has a balanced portfolio that is geared toward attractive future-oriented markets in optics, precision mechanics and optoelectronics. For more than 175 years, the company has been shaping technological progress, advancing the world of optics with solutions from its four segments and meeting its customers’ needs.

Segments of the ZEISS Group

  • Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology

    Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology

    • Semiconductor Manufacturing Optics
    • Semiconductor Mask Solutions
    • Process Control Solutions

    A large proportion of all microchips are produced using ZEISS technologies. As a technology leader in the field of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, ZEISS enables the production of ever smaller, increasingly powerful and more energy-efficient microchips, and thus plays a pivotal role in the age of micro- and nanoelectronics.

  • Industrial Quality & Research

    Industrial Quality & Research

    • Industrial Quality Solutions
    • Research Microscopy Solutions

    ZEISS ensures quality standards and enables scientific research wherever maximum precision is indispensable: with coordinate measuring machines, optical, multisensory systems and X-ray systems, microscope systems of high resolution and smart software for industrial quality assurance, as well as research and material inspection. ZEISS plays its part by ensuring that even the tiniest structures and processes become visible.

  • Medical Technology

    Medical Technology

    • Ophthalmology
    • Microsurgery

    With its products and solutions for ophthalmology, neurosurgery, spine surgery, ENT surgery, reconstructive surgery, dentistry and oncology, ZEISS helps doctors drive progress in medicine and assists doctors all over the world in enhancing their patients’ quality of life.

  • ZEISS Consumer Markets

    Consumer Markets

    • Vision Care
    • Consumer Products

    As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of eyeglass lenses, ZEISS stands for maximum visual comfort. ZEISS movie and camera lenses, technologies for smartphone photography as well as sports and nature observation optics offer outstanding optical quality for users with exacting requirements in every moment that counts.

At Home across the Globe

A great deal has happened since ZEISS opened its first branch outside Germany in London in 1893. Today, the ZEISS Group is represented in around 50 countries. Around 43,000 employees work at more than 60 sales and service locations, 35 research and development facilities, and 35 production facilities worldwide. The company is headquartered in Oberkochen (Baden-Württemberg, Germany).

  • 11,300

    About 11,300 patents worldwide

  • 43,000

    Worldwide about 43,000 employees

  • 6,200

    About 6,200 employees in research and development

  • 735

    Worldwide 735 apprentices and students

Corporate governance

For ZEISS, acting lawfully and responsibly and managing the company in a transparent manner that is focused on its long-term success are fundamental principles of its corporate policy.

With its corporate governance structure, ZEISS ensures that legal provisions, the Carl Zeiss Foundation statutes and the company’s internal directives are observed in line with compliance provisions.

The Code of Conduct is a core element of the compliance management system of the ZEISS Group. It summarizes the rudiments and principles of action that form the basis of responsible conduct. The Code of Conduct is binding upon all ZEISS employees and is published on the company’s website.

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