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Part of the history of ZEISS.

Strategic alliances have characterized ZEISS throughout its history. Thanks to this interaction of the ZEISS core competencies with those of selected companies, both partners are able to tap into new markets – this is a model that offers distinct benefits for both parties and has proven successful time and again. As such, ZEISS can now proudly look back on long-standing and some highly exclusive partnerships with renowned companies in the area of image capturing, covering everything from the broad consumer market to Hollywood itself.  

  • Sony
    ZEISS Partners - Sony: CCD-TR555

    The first joint product – the Handycam CCD-TR555.

    ZEISS and Sony

    A Partnership for Breathtaking Images.

    Around the globe, Sony is the brand of choice for people looking for great design and high quality. In 1996, the company came out with its first camcorder with a ZEISS lens: the Handycam® CCD-TR555. Since then, Sony’s cooperation has expanded to include lens-style cameras that can be attached to smartphones, the Cyber-shot™, camcorders, Action and Music Cams as well as interchangeable lenses. Besides Sony/ZEISS interchangeable lenses, ZEISS also has its own camera lenses that are fully compatible with all Sony E-mount cameras and perfectly round off the product portfolio.

    Sony and ZEISS have combined their core competencies in electronics and optics. Thanks to this interaction, both partners are able to tap into new markets – this is a model that offers distinct benefits for both parties. After all, Sony/ZEISS interchangeable lenses are developed jointly by Sony and ZEISS. ZEISS supports Sony throughout the optical design and development process and then tests and approves the prototypes. Finally, ZEISS determines the test specifications for serial production. 

    The most common lens designs in Sony/ZEISS products are the ZEISS Tessar, ZEISS Sonnar and ZEISS Vario-Sonnar – each of them with the T* anti-reflective coating from ZEISS. Sony/ZEISS lenses are manufactured at Sony facilities in Asia, where Sony uses testing equipment designed and produced by ZEISS. One example is the ZEISS K8 MTF tester, a compact and versatile piece of equipment that measures the modulation transfer function of camera lenses and similar systems for objects at infinity. Sony/ZEISS lenses are sold solely through Sony’s distribution channels. ZEISS lenses are sold exclusively through ZEISS’s own distribution channels.

    Sony and ZEISS

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  • PowerVision

    PowerVision and ZEISS

    A partnership that opens up new perspectives.

    Jointly developing innovations for the future: with precisely this goal in focus, ZEISS is collaborating with the company PowerVision and initiated the partnership with the PowerVision product PowerRay Wizard in 2017. Power Ray Wizard is an underwater drone with accessories that is supplemented with the ZEISS VR ONE Plus virtual reality headset – the ZEISS VR ONE Plus PowerVision Edition.

    Powervision is a global leader in the field of robotics and drone technology and was founded in China in 2009. Its current product portfolio also includes virtual and augmented reality products – the company attaches top priority to research and development.

    With its leading expertise in the field of optics, ZEISS will play its part in achieving unique drone images and will make underwater and aerial photographs even more thrilling in the future. ZEISS optics are the ideal match for the technical know-how of PowerVision, and the partnership offers distinct benefits to both companies. The joint goal: to create potential for future innovations.

  • Nokia Phones

    Nokia Smartphones and ZEISS

    Leading-edge Expertise in Optics meets Mobile Communication.

    The Finnish company HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones and ZEISS aim to set new imaging standards within the smartphone industry with their exclusive and long-term partnership.

    With a joint ambition to advance the quality of the total imaging experience on smartphones from software to services, screen quality, and optic design, the partnership will see ZEISS and HMD Global co-develop standard-defining imaging capabilities. This pledge to constantly improve consumers’ imaging experience is a reflection of the shared values between both businesses – a single minded commitment to quality, true craftsmanship and a desire to improve real life experience.

    This partnership will bring the ZEISS brand back to Nokia Smartphones. The relationship began more than a decade ago. The past collaboration saw ZEISS and Nokia phones driving technology innovations such as the world’s first multi-megapixel mobile phone and many more standard-setting devices, from the Nokia Nseries to those featuring Nokia PureView technologies.

    This renewed relationship is a long-term commitment to build on that technology innovation over the years to come.

    Nokia is a registered trademark of Nokia Corporation. HMD Global Oy is the exclusive licensee of the Nokia brand for phones & tablets.

    Nokia Smartphones and ZEISS

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