Sony/ZEISS Distagon T* FE 1,4/35 ZA - application sample 01
Sony/ZEISS Distagon T* FE 1,4/35 ZA - application sample 02
Sony/ZEISS Distagon T* FE 1,4/35 ZA - application sample 03
Sony/ZEISS Distagon T* FE 1,4/35 ZA - application sample 04
Sony/ZEISS Distagon T* FE 1,4/35 ZA - application sample 05
Sony/ZEISS Distagon T* FE 1,4/35 ZA - application sample 06

Distagon T* FE 1,4/35 ZA

The master of light.

You will be impressed by the powerful optics of the Distagon T* FE 35mm F1.4 ZA. Especially in difficult lighting situations, the wide-angle lens with aspheric lens elements and T* coating can really demonstrate all its strengths. This is what makes the full-frame lens for the Sony α series with E-mount so wonderfully suited for hand-held shooting, especially in poorly lit conditions. With nine aperture blades, you will achieve a great bokeh – ideal for street photography and portrait photos where not only the image, but also the immediate surroundings, tell a story.
Read more about the Sony SEL35F14Z E-mount lens:

  • Features

    Versatile aperture settings

    Ideal for every use, for both photography and professional video shooting. With the de-click feature for the aperture function, you will handle unexpected changes in brightness and difficult lighting conditions seamlessly – simply with a switch directly on the lens. Every pan shot will be successful. In addition, you can use the aperture ring of the lens to preset the aperture just as you would do with special video lenses. Here as well, you will love the diverse and especially precise focusing options of the lens – manual as well as automatic. 

    High-Speed Lens

    Impressive photographs captured in low light always begin with a fast lens for a system or SLR camera. Because, a fast, high-performance lens captures as much light as possible. And a lens with a large maximum aperture leads to the best results when shooting in unfavourable light.

    Robust and weatherproof metal construction

    Its metal barrel and bayonet as well as elaborate protection against dust and spray make the lens perfect for shooting in demanding outdoor conditions – and also guarantee its constant readiness for many years of intensive use.

    Smooth, silent AF operation

    Design of the autofocus system requires extremely accurate shifting of particular lens groups. While this is normally achieved via mechanical coupling from the camera body, ZA lenses feature a built-in SSM (Super Sonic wave Motor) focusing system for even more refined AF performance.

    ZEISS T* anti-reflective coating

    The optical elements of ZEISS lenses feature T*® anti-reflective coating on all surfaces and an optical design that guarantees images of superior brilliance at all times, even in unfavourable lighting conditions. We apply the anti-reflective coating to the lens surfaces by the vapour deposition of extremely thin, transparent layers on the glass. In this process, special substances are vaporized with extremely high energy in a high-vacuum environment and are subsequently deposited on the glass surfaces, one after another, as layers with precisely controlled thicknesses to achieve the desired reduction of reflective properties. The first coating techniques were employed by ZEISS as long ago as in the 1930s.

  • Data

    Technical Specifications

    Distagon T* FE 1,4/35 ZA

    Performance Focal length 35 mm
    Aperture range f/1.4 – f/16
    Camera mount Sony E-Mount*
    Focusing range 0,30 m (11.81") – ∞
    Lens elements | groups 12 / 8
    Angular field (full frame) 63° (diagonal)
    Angular field (APS-C) 44° (diagonal)
    Physical Filter thread M 72 x 0.75
    Diameter max. 79 mm (3.11")
    Length (withouth lens caps) 112 mm (4.41")
    Weight 630 g (1.39 lbs)

    *) Canon is a trademark or registered trademark of Canon Inc. and/or other members of the Canon Group. Nikon is a registered trademark of Nikon Corporation. Sony is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation. Fujifilm is a registered trademark of Fujifilm Corporation. Leica is a registered trademark of Leica Microsystems IR GmbH.

    **) Referring to 24x36 mm format

    ***) Referring to APS-C format

  • Pictures

    Your pictures made with our lens

    Distagon T* FE 1,4/35 ZA

    Every day, thousands of impressive images are captured and every shot tells a different story, as you can see in these images below, all made with this ZEISS lens. The objective of the ZEISS Flickr Group is to gather the best of your images together and show them to the world.

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  • Accessories
    ZEISS Accessories - Filter



    These filters feature T* ® anti-reflective coating and are optimal for protecting your front lens. The UV filters afford your pictures more brilliance, the POL filters reduce reflections on nonmetallic surfaces and increase color saturation.

    • High fitting accuracy for fast filter change
    • Can be used with a lens shade
    • Available in all standard sizes
    More details about the ZEISS T* UV and POL Filters
    ZEISS Accessories - Cleaning Products

    Cleaning Products


    From finger prints and grains of sand to the smallest particles of dust, dirty or scratched lenses compromise picture quality. It is essential that lenses are clean, and especially that they are properly maintained. ZEISS offers a range of professional cleaning products that perfectly complement your unique product experience. Our specialists have developed these products to meet the precise needs of high-quality optical surfaces.

    More details about the ZEISS Cleaning Products
    ZEISS Accessories - Camera Strap

    Camera Strap


    The ZEISS comfortable camera straps ensure that carrying your equipment does not lead to shoulder and neck strain, even when used for longer periods.

    More details about the ZEISS Camera Strap
  • Stories

    Stories on Lenspire

    Distagon T* FE 1,4/35 ZA

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