ZEISS DTI 3/25 – The New Thermal Imaging Camera from ZEISS

ZEISS Introduces Additional Thermal Imaging Camera for Hunting with Enlarged Field of View

Oberkochen, Germany | 16 September 2021 | ZEISS Consumer Products 

ZEISS is proud to announce the release of the ZEISS DTI 3/25, its second thermal imaging camera developed especially for hunting. With a focal length of 25 mm, it offers an enlarged field of view of 26 meters at a range of 100 meters and thus a decisive advantage when hunting in wooded areas or at the bait site at night. “With the addition of the ZEISS DTI 3/25, we are expanding our product range to include another thermal imaging camera that provides a complete overview in total darkness, especially at close range,” says Tammo Lüken, Head of Category Management Hunting at ZEISS.

The ZEISS DTI 3/25 impresses with its enlarged field of view, even at close range for night hunting
The ZEISS DTI 3/25 impresses with its enlarged field of view, even at close range for night hunting

A Complete Overview – Whether Hunting from a High Seat or at the Bait Site

The ZEISS DTI 3/25 owes its impressive optical performance to the fact that the sensor, electronics, screen, and eyepiece are all designed to be perfectly compatible. “Maintaining an overview is critical when hunting in forested areas, especially in the dark, as it is more difficult to spot game. The distances at which game can be spotted are much shorter than in open terrain,” explaines Lüken. Thanks to the ZEISS DTI 3/25’s enlarged field of view and high-resolution HD-LCOS display, hunters are able to reliably detect all of the heat sources, even at close range, and obtain a complete overview, whether they are hunting from a high seat or at the bait site. “At the same time, quickly switching from maximum overview to higher magnification is easily possible using the digital zoom with increments of 0.5x,” Lüken reports.

Easier Operation with the ErgoControl Concept

In order to stay completely silent and fully attentive to the game during night hunting, it must be possible to operate the thermal imaging camera in a natural and ergonomic way. The triangular button layout and the specific arrangement of the buttons allow the controls to be identified quickly and accurately, even in the dark and with gloves on in cold conditions. The ZEISS DTI 3 family thus offers simplified and intuitive operation that helps both right-handed and left-handed hunters hunt successfully.

Integration into the ZEISS Hunting App and Firmware

The ZEISS DTI 3/35 and the new ZEISS DTI 3/25 thermal imaging cameras can be connected to the ZEISS Hunting app via Wi-Fi to manage and share photos and videos as well as livestream hunting experiences. The latest firmware is already installed and unlocks additional features such as improved focusing thanks to contrast enhancement (Contrast Boost) and a focus frame in picture-in-picture mode. These innovations are complemented by an LED screen that can be switched off manually for optimized camouflage as well as an extended battery life of 10 hours.

ZEISS introduces new hunting thermal imaging camera, the ZEISS DTI 3/25.
ZEISS introduces new hunting thermal imaging camera, the ZEISS DTI 3/25.

More information and availability

The ZEISS DTI 3/25 will be released in time for the upcoming hunting season and will be available from specialist dealers beginning in mid-October 2021.

For more information on the ZEISS DTI 3/25 and the latest firmware update, please visit: www.zeiss.com/dti325
You can learn more about ZEISS’ night hunting expertise at www.zeiss.com/nighthunting

You can download photos of the product here as well as further image material of the ZEISS DTI 3/25 can be found here.

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Tatjana Schürholz
ZEISS Consumer Products
Phone: +49 7364 20 16797
tatjana .schuerholz @zeiss .com


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For its customers, ZEISS develops, produces and distributes highly innovative solutions for industrial metrology and quality assurance, microscopy solutions for the life sciences and materials research, and medical technology solutions for diagnostics and treatment in ophthalmology and microsurgery. The name ZEISS is also synonymous with the world's leading lithography optics, which are used by the chip industry to manufacture semiconductor components. There is global demand for trendsetting ZEISS brand products such as eyeglass lenses, camera lenses and binoculars.

With a portfolio aligned with future growth areas like digitalization, healthcare and Smart Production and a strong brand, ZEISS is shaping the future of technology and constantly advancing the world of optics and related fields with its solutions. The company's significant, sustainable investments in research and development lay the foundation for the success and continued expansion of ZEISS' technology and market leadership. ZEISS invests 12 percent of its revenue in research and development – this high level of expenditure has a long tradition at ZEISS and is also an investment in the future.

With over 34,000 employees, ZEISS is active globally in almost 50 countries with around 30 production sites, 60 sales and service companies and 27 research and development facilities. Founded in 1846 in Jena, the company is headquartered in Oberkochen, Germany. The Carl Zeiss Foundation, one of the largest foundations in Germany committed to the promotion of science, is the sole owner of the holding company, Carl Zeiss AG (status: 31 March 2021).

Further information at www.zeiss.com

ZEISS Consumer Products

ZEISS Consumer Products combines the company's business with camera and cine lenses, binoculars, spotting scopes and hunting optics. The unit is allocated to the Consumer Markets segment and is based in Oberkochen and represented across the globe.

Press Contact

Tatjana Schürholz
ZEISS Consumer Products
Phone: +49 7364 20 16797
tatjana .schuerholz @zeiss .com

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