ZEISS DTC 4/50 – The New Thermal Imaging Clip-On from ZEISS

With the ZEISS DTC 4/50, ZEISS presents its new clip-on with a powerful sensor for maximimum accuracy when hunting at night.

Oberkochen, Germany | 10th January 2024 | ZEISS Consumer Products

At the beginning of the new year, ZEISS presents its new ZEISS DTC 4/50 thermal imaging clip-on for night hunting. Thanks to its large 640 x 512 sensor and a sensitive NETD value, the ZEISS DTC 4/50 delivers exceptional image quality for maximum accuracy when night hunting. "Together with the proven and intuitive operating concept, a practical shooting assistant and numerous other features, the ZEISS DTC 4/50 is a high-quality addition to our thermal imaging portfolio," says Dr. Carsten Backhaus, Product Manager for Hunting at ZEISS.

ZEISS presents its new thermal clip-on device ZEISS DTC 4/50.
ZEISS presents its new thermal clip-on device ZEISS DTC 4/50.

Exceptional image quality thanks to large sensor

"A sharp and detailed image is essential for a reliable and precise shot, especially when hunting at night," explains Backhaus, an experienced hunter himself. With a high-quality germanium lens, the latest 640 x 512 pixel sensor with 12 micron pixel pitch and a sensitive NETD value of less than 25 mK, the new clip-on offers particularly high image quality. In combination with a focal length of 50 mm, it enables an impressively large field of view of over 15 m at 100 m and a detection range of 2,650 m. "This means that the DTC 4 provides a very good field of view in wooded areas, but also a detailed image over long distances in the field," emphasizes Backhaus.

Intuitive operation for a comprehensive overview

"Especially in the dark, fast and efficient operation of the equipment is crucial for a reliable overview of the surroundings," says Backhaus. The proven Ergo-Control concept of the ZEISS thermal imaging devices with the central position of the focusing turret also means simple and intuitive handling with the DTC 4. In addition to user-friendly operation, a larger eyebox provides additional flexibility thanks to the use of a high-quality collimator. In dynamic hunting situations in particular, the image always remains clear and free of black edges, even if the eye is not perfectly positioned behind the riflescope. And, thanks to the innovative option of choosing between two magnifications (1x or 0.65x), the DTC 4 always allows the maximum field of view of 15 m to be maintained. This means that hunters always have a complete overview, regardless of the magnification of the riflescope used.

Precise repeat accuracy with the practical aiming assistant

The digital zeroing assistant, which can be operated via the ZEISS Hunting app, allows the user to synchronize the clip-on, the optics, and the rifle quickly and precisely. “Hunters only need to enter the distance to the target and the shot positioning in comparison to the initial aiming point into the app. The assistant then independently calculates the correction values and adjusts the display accordingly. This eliminates the need to calculate clicks and makes the process much faster and less stressful,” continued Backhaus. “Once the combination of ZEISS DTC 4 and riflescope has been successfully zeroed in, this information can be saved in the app and on the clip-on device as one of four profiles, so it is easy to switch from one riflescope to another with the DTC.”

Helpful features for the best hunting experience

In addition to the exceptional image quality, the ZEISS DTC 4/50 offers numerous other features. The new photo and video function allows the most beautiful hunting moments to be captured directly due to the generous memory. Thanks to the innovative icon optimization, the positions of the icons on the screen can be adjusted so that all icons remain visible regardless of the magnification of the riflescope. Various customization options, such as different colour and scene modes or the warning before the next calibration, allow the attachment to be adapted to different needs and hunting situations.

Further information and availability

The ZEISS DTC 4/50 thermal imaging clip-on device will be available from selected retailers from mid-February 2024 at an RRP of €3,400 (incl. VAT). Further information at www.zeiss.com/hunting/dtc-4

You can download more product photos here.

Further Information about the two magnifications for maximal field of fiew can be found here.

* The picture shows an example of use that, in connection with firearms, is subject to prohibitions and exceptional caveats under gun and hunting laws. Use in connection with firearms is only allowed if you have a gun/hunting permit. The depicted firearm is not included. You must hold a permit to purchase this item.

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ZEISS Consumer Products

ZEISS Consumer Products combines the company's business with camera and cine lenses, binoculars, spotting scopes and hunting optics. The unit is allocated to the Consumer Markets segment and is based in Oberkochen and represented across the globe.

Press Contact

Tatjana Schuerholz
ZEISS Consumer Products
Phone: +49 7364 20-16797
tatjana .schuerholz @zeiss .com

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