ZEISS Hunting App

The App for today's hunters.

More than 100,000 hunters around the globe already enjoy the benefits of the versatile functions of the ZEISS Hunting App. Always at hand in the field, the app enables hunters to document hunting events and experiences as they happen. The new browser version makes inputting data much more convenient and provides an additional platform for administration and documentation. Thanks to continuous synchronisation, all data input are available on all connected devices – in the app and in the browser.

Also available via browser: hunting.zeiss.com
  • Automatic synchronization of all entries between your PC and your Smartphone.

  • Enter your ballistic profiles easily thanks to a big screen and keyboard.

  • Revise your Hunting Ground borders and all important places on the map easily from your home.

  • Document all details of your hunting experiences comfortably after your hunt.


Ballistic calculations matched to your ZEISS riflescope and ballistic reticle/BDC (ASV), including ammunition database with over 7,000 entries.

Hunting grounds

Create maps of hunting grounds and manage them from the app or your browser. Conveniently mark important locations on the map and display your current position as a useful aid to orientation in the field.

My products

Create a clear and detailed over-view of your hunting equipment. Enjoy instant access to important product information from a single source.

Weather forecast

Weather forecasts for hunting with information relating to the current location and preferred hunting grounds.

Connected products

Simple configuration of the ZEISS Rangefinder and the ZEISS DTI 3/35 in the app. Synchronisation of personal ballistic profiles for precise results and accurately placed shots.

Hunting diary

Documentation of all experiences relevant to hunting with information about game and shots, photos, videos and more.


Personally configurable start screen with direct navigation to your features.


Special offers, competitions and the latest products news exclusively for ZEISS Hunting users.

Set up and manage hunting grounds
Available free of charge, download from the App Store or Google Play: