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How ZEISS binoculars, riflescopes, spotting scopes and lenses contribute to more sustainability at ZEISS.

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ZEISS Conquest V4 Riflescopes

Confidence in toughest conditions.

ZEISS Hunting

ZEISS Hunting

To be engaged in the wilderness.

The desire to be in the out-of-doors, realizing our part in nature, is the main reason for going hunting. This desire, however, also means meeting the wilderness and the elements up-close. In the cold, in the heat and in rough terrain. This is the only way to truly encounter nature at full face value. For this, gear that can master these tough conditions are essential. Gear that can be relied on in every situation that nature challenges us with. Precisely matched to every individual’s needs, it must face the wilderness up-close and effortlessly deliver peak performance in even the most demanding conditions. The ZEISS brand stands for these essential qualities.

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ZEISS Thermal Imaging Cameras

Handle the night. Thanks to intuitive ergonomics.

Ethically hunting wild boar at night requires the right equipment. After all, in the dark it is almost impossible to rely on your sense of sight alone. But the night is precisely the most important time for the hunter when hunting sows. That's why hunters need a companion, one that makes it possible to accurately identify the game, even in the dark. A companion with the highest optical standards that can be relied on at night. A companion in familiar ZEISS quality. This is precisely why ZEISS developed thermal imaging cameras that were specially designed by hunting experts for night hunting.

* The picture shows an example of use that, in connection with firearms, is subject to prohibitions and exceptional caveats under gun and hunting laws. Use in connection with firearms is only allowed if you have a gun/hunting permit. The depicted firearm is not included. You must hold a permit to purchase this item.

ZEISS Thermal Imaging Cameras

Handle the night. Thanks to intuitive ergonomics.

The most exciting hunting moments often occur after sunset – when the shadows of the night offer game natural camouflage. Time to make these moments visible. With the ZEISS DTI 3, ZEISS is releasing a thermal imaging camera specially developed for hunting. Its excellent optics deliver detailed images, even in the darkness, allowing hunters to accurately identify their target for maximum hunting success.

ZEISS Riflescopes

Delivers the critical and decisive connection between you and your game.

Individual realized experiences made by every hunter, while afield, are as varied as their demands on their riflescope. Knowing this enables ZEISS design engineers to develop the perfect riflescopes to meet each hunter’s unique needs. Riflescope designs must take into account the requirements of different types of hunting, terrain, rifles, and personal needs. Considerations are made in regards to weight, magnification, field of view, and handling, as well as the brightness and clarity of the image at distance. ZEISS delivers the ideal riflescopes for hunting.

ZEISS Victory HT

95% Light transmission | Optimised multifunction button | Two models available

The specialist for hunting in low light. The SCHOTT HT glass of the brightest riflescope from ZEISS ensures maximum night hunting capability.


High-performance optics | Precise adjustments | Two models available

Both models utilize a 34 mm main tube, European-style fast-focus eyepiece, Ballistic Stop elevation turret (with 40.7 MRAD or 140 MOA of total elevation travel), and an external locking windage turret.

ZEISS Conquest V6

92% Light transmission | Multi-turn turret design | FL (fluoride) glass | 30mm main tube | Three models available

High-performance riflescopes with a 6× zoom range. Provides a large amount of elevation travel, with a bright viewing image and optimum target resolution in every hunting situation.


High-performance optics | Precise adjustments | Two models available

Both models utilize a 34 mm main tube, European-style fast-focus eyepiece, Ballistic Stop elevation turret (with 40.7 MRAD or 140 MOA of total elevation travel), and an external locking windage turret.

ZEISS Binoculars

Viewed over time: The best.

The Victory SF (Smart Focus) optical performance, exotic glass types, advanced optical design, rugged construction, and outstanding ergonomics are a result of ZEISS' cotinuous pursuit of the limits of technology . ZEISS binoculars represent dependable hunting optics that are passed on from generation to generation - true legends that represent the pinnacle of super-premium quality and design.

ZEISS Victory Pocket

91% Light transmission | Large field-of-view | Asymmetric bridge | Ultra-compact dimensions | Two models available

Truly compact 'pocket' binoculars incorporate FL glass and T* six-layer light transmission coatings.  Designed with a uniquely smart hinge for personal adjustments to perfectly match your interpupillary distance each and every time. These are proven high-performance binoculars built for every day you spend in the field.  These represent the finest of 'pocket' binoculars.

ZEISS Terra ED / Pocket

88% Light transmission | SCHOTT ED glass | Compact, light and robust | Six models available

Ideal for every hunting trip or any other activity outdoors where weight and size must be considered. Super lightweight, quality and performance in a form focused on the essentials.

ZEISS Spotting Scopes

Experience the sharpest of details at 70x magnification.

High tech spotting scopes from ZEISS are designed for the curious and the adventurous- greatly enhancing your distant encounters in the field. From miles away, if you need to determine which species is the mature animal vs the adolescent, then the Victory Harpia was designed for you. Experience the revolutionary design of centric focus with centric magnfication. Eliminate the guesswork and be able to define exactly what it is that you are looking at.

ZEISS Conquest Gavia 85

Close-range focus | Extremely bright | 85mm objective lens diameter | 60× magnification

Thanks to its magnesium body and compact dimensions the Conquest Gavia is a lightweight spotter.  It boasts a centric focus system within the objective body, making it easy to use with or without gloves on.  A large eyepiece allows for quicker access and finer control of the power selector.  

ZEISS Dialyt

"Field spotter" | 65mm objective lens diameter | 18-45x magnification

Straight body, monobloc construction, designed for the most rugged use, terrain, and weather imaginable. Perfect for packing in.  Even moreso for easy access, with quick retrieve non-snagging design.  


20 × 60 and Monoculars.

The technically unique mechanical image stabilisation system of the ZEISS 20 × 60 T* S ensures a perfect viewing experience: the unavoidable shake always encountered when observing with handheld binoculars can be easily eliminated at the press of a button. For sporting events, in the theatre or in the great outdoors, the Monos are the masters of versatility, fitting snugly in a jacket pocket or handbag. They are also useful for long-range observation or the detailed identification of game.

ZEISS 20x60 S

Binocular with image stabilisation.

ZEISS Victory NV 5.6x62

The specialist for night observation.

ZEISS Monoculars

Small but powerful.


Tailored to meet your requirements.

The practical accessories have been developed by hunters for hunters and always focus on the needs of the user. The accessories for ZEISS riflescopes, for example, offers you safe transport, simple sighting in or even easier handling. With the addition of well thought-out accessories for ZEISS Binoculares you can enhance your visual experience even more. However versatile the applications of the high-performance spotting scopes from ZEISS may be, the accessories are equally versatile.

Riflescope Accessories

With precision in mind.

Binocular Accessories

Improved performance.

Spotting Scope Accessories

Unlimited possibilities.