Confidence in the toughest conditions

Tested in the laboratory. Proven in the field.

Hunting optics must operate as advertised in the field and function in every hunting condition – rain, heat, snow or ice. Worrying whether your optics manufacturer’s waterproof claims are true or just a marketing ploy should be the last thing on your mind.

However, weather-related factors are not all you face when hunting. Hunting environments also include rocks, trees and dangerous terrain, which make impact shocks caused by falls and bumps with physical features an important consideration. Dirt roads and mountain trails can subject your optics to continuous vibration in your vehicle on the way to the field; in these situations, the durability of your optics is paramount.

For these reasons, absolute reliability is our goal – even under the worst conditions. Precision in design, the best materials and uncompromising craftsmanship go into every optic we produce. ZEISS guarantees that our products are reliable in hunting all environments from the Alps to the Rockies.


Confidence in the toughest conditions.

Precision in the face of stress

When you’re out hunting, the optics are exposed to extreme forces whenever shots are fired with the variety of different calibres and weapons often fall over - ZEISS optics confidently brave all this and more during every hunting trip*.

*A test shot is recommended after unintentional blows or shocks to the target optics.

Shock test with up to 1,500 times g-force

1,500 g corresponds to the shooting load of the .460 Weatherby Magnum calibre.


Confidence in the toughest conditions.

Washed with all waters

Hours of waiting in the unrelenting pouring rain when out driven hunting, or the necessary cleaning of the optics with a water bottle – ZEISS hunting optics are built to be used and remain waterproof even when things get rough.

Waterproofing immersion test

Our tests simulate continuous rain and complete immersion of the optics in water, ensuring that all ZEISS optics are fully waterproof.

Continuous shocks

Confidence in the toughest conditions.

Tenaciously mobile

Driving along bumpy forest and country lanes with the gun in the boot or navigating rough terrain on foot – bumps and shocks are a normal part of hunting. So it’s all the better if the optics are prepared*.

*A test shot is recommended after unintentional blows or shocks to the target optics.

Continuous shocks for 90 minutes

Even after one and a half hours of continuous vibration in different directions, the group of the optics remains unchanged.


Confidence in the toughest conditions.

From the Sahara to the Arctic

From the heat of the hut to the bitter cold of the outdoors, or hours in the blazing sun – ZEISS hunting optics operate reliably in extreme climatic conditions.

Temperature shock

Deep freezing to -40°C and temperature shocks from -25° to 50°C in under 5 minutes. In the climatic chamber, ZEISS optics are tested to the material's limits.


Confidence in the toughest conditions.

Hard shell, hard core

When you go hunting, your optics are often exposed to aggressive liquids such as hand sweat and cosmetics. But thanks to a high-quality seal, these don’t stand a chance against ZEISS optics.

24 hours in salt spray

Side by side with metal test strips, ZEISS optics were stored in an aggressive salt water spray for 24 hours. While the test strips were covered in rust, the optics were entirely unfazed.

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