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For many, the challenge of accurately determining age is what makes buck hunting so appealing. This can also pose a major challenge to younger hunters, however, because identifying roe deer is difficult. Even experienced hunters have to overcome this challenge time and again.

The most important tip is therefore to always take the time you need to reliably identify your target. Build, time of discolouration and velvet shedding, as well as the behaviour of the roebuck provide an indication of age. It is then up to the hunter to recognize and correctly interpret as many identifying features as possible. If the hunter cannot reliably ensure that the game is a suitable target, they need to stay their trigger finger.

In addition to hunting skills and good preparation, choosing the right equipment plays an essential role in successful hunting. That is why it is a good idea to choose the equipment according to the conditions of the shooting ground and the preferred type of hunting.

When stalking, every gram counts.

Which binoculars are the right choice for stalking bucks?

When stalking, having high-quality but at the same time lightweight binoculars really makes a difference. The binoculars' low weight must not negatively affect imaging quality in any way. Often at the beginning of a buck hunt, you will see bucks that still have their first set of horns. Binoculars with high-quality optics are crucial for accurately identifying the buttons hidden in their fur.

The ZEISS SFL 10x40 features the UHD concept for lifelike colors and excellent sharpness of detail. Thanks to the reduced lens size and the more compact arrangement of even thinner lens elements, it is up to 30% lighter than comparable binoculars from competitors.


The UHD concept features particularly sharp detail imaging and natural color reproduction. It represents a significant improvement in terms of color fidelity and resolution compared to the HD concept.

What is the best riflescope for stalking?

Riflescopes designed for stalking typically feature higher magnification levels. Thanks to a large field of view of 23 meters at 100 meters at the lowest magnification level, outstanding optical quality with relaxed viewing characteristics, and its low weight, the ZEISS V8 1.8-14 × 50 is perfect for stalking.

With the integrated parallax compensation, you can accurately identify the target even more precisely. This "focuses" the lens to the correct distance, i.e., shifts the image back to the reticle plane. The advantage of this is a sharp image. In addition, no parallax error occurs, even when viewing at an angle. Featuring a light transmission rate of 92%, the ZEISS V8 1.8-14 × 50 also offers sufficient light reserves in twilight.

More light for shooting thanks to excellent optics.

Does a high light transmission rate automatically mean more light for shooting?

In many places, roe deer are becoming increasingly secretive as a result of increased use of natural areas by leisure and recreation seekers and only emerge in late twilight or early in the morning before sunrise. Here, good hunting optics are indispensable for identification. With a light transmission rate of 92%, ZEISS V8 riflescopes offer maximum light reserves right down to the last ray of light.

In addition, if you need to shoot over longer distances, as is often the case in vast open fields, a high-magnification riflescope is recommended. The ZEISS V8 2.8–20x56 is suitable for every distance and every hunting situation because of its parameters.

The light transmission rate makes all the difference

The ZEISS T* coating takes the eye’s increased sensitivity to blue light in deep twilight into account, optimizing light output when it is needed most. This results in bright and sharply focused images. This is achieved by coating the lens surfaces with extremely thin layers of specially selected materials. This modifies the transition from air to glass, reducing reflections. This is not based on a set recipe for a layer structure, however, but rather on a technology that is constantly being adapted to new glass materials and requirements and varies from lens to lens.

What are the characteristics of an excellent universal riflescope?

If you hunt mainly from a raised hide, you are best advised to opt for a universal riflescope with a wide magnification range and large lens diameter, such as the ZEISS Conquest V6 2-12 × 50. This compact and versatile riflescope is a reliable companion in the hunting grounds.

It combines legendary ZEISS quality with leading-edge technology and a robust, functional design – and it is excellent value for the money. The use of fluoride glass and the high light transmission rate ensure that images are bright and the target resolution is ideal – both basic requirements for a clean shot.


The compact hunting companion.

If you hunt in the early morning hours from a raised hide with the sun behind you, you have a clear visual advantage over the game. In this situation, binoculars excel that provide the highest level of detail and natural color fidelity. In this context, the ZEISS SFL 10x40 sets new standards with its UHD concept. Compact dimensions, low weight, and a modern design also result in advantageous ergonomics, making operation simple and intuitive. The high light transmission values are also ideal for twilight observations.

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