ZEISS DTC 3 Firmware Update

Advantages & Improvements

Enhanced image quality

The image quality of a thermal device can always be further enhanced by developing new algorithms that render the image in new and better ways. With this update we offer you an even better image quality than before and keep you in the loop of ever better getting technology, without having to invest in a new device after just a few seasons in use.

Reduced display brightness

This update will reduce the overall brightness of the display to further enhance the viewing experience at night. A lower display brightness will protect the eyes better during longer observation. Looking into the night after using the DTC will be much more comfortable and less strenuous on your eyes as the difference in contrast is more harmonized.

Auto-off function

The new auto-off function turns the device off when it is not in use, e.g. when stored. This will prevent any power supply issues in case you forget to switch your DTC 3/38 off after the hunt. If no button is pressed, the device will switch itself off after 3 hours. If you press a button, the time will reset itself to 3 hours.

Instructions & Download
Important information
  • Note that the firmware update can only be carried out using the ZEISS Hunting App.
  • Make sure that you have installed the latest version of the ZEISS Hunting App.
  • Make sure that you activated mobile data before starting the ZEISS Hunting App.
  • Do not switch off or operate the DTC during the update process!
1.) Launch the ZEISS Hunting app on your smartphone and connect your DTC. You'll receive a push notification – simply tap the "Update" button.
2.) Before updating, make sure that your ZEISS DTC's battery is fully charged and that the device is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth.
3.) The update will be performed automatically. The process will take a few moments.
4.) The new Firmware is being sent to your ZEISS DTC. This can take a few minutes. Do not turn off your ZEISS DTC during the update!

After the new firmware has been successfully transmitted to your ZEISS DTC, it will be processed on your product:

  • One the update is complete, the product will shut down and the Bluetooth will be disconnected
  • Turn back on your ZEISS DTC, enable Bluetooth in the menu and reconnect from the Hunting App
5.) Done! After reconnecting, the Hunting App shows that the Firmware of your ZEISS DTC is up to date.