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Handling instructions:

  • Please review the ZEISS Warranty policy statement for the complete terms and conditions. In case of a needed warranty repair service please first contact your ZEISS dealer from whom you have purchase your lens or you contact our distributor in the country of the purchase: Find your ZEISS distributor

  • If you choose to send it directly to the regional ZEISS service center use the online repair form. Before opening the Online Repair Form, make sure you have correctly chosen country where your dealer is based. To validate manufacturer's warranty cover for your lens, please enclose a copy of the dated sales receipt and if applicable, the registration number of your extended warranty.
  • Please note that we can only accept requests accompanied by a correctly completed repair form.
  • After filling the online repair form you'll receive a PDF, which includes the shipping address. Please print this document and add it to the carefully packed shipment. Once you submit the repair form you'll receive an email with all further instructions. As soon as your lens received our service department you'll receive an email to confirm the receipt. After inbound inspection you'll receive a confirmation of warranty repair including an estimated completion date.
  • In case the defect can not be accepted as a warranty case, we will send you a cost estimate for the repairs required as soon as we have completed the inbound inspection. We will also service your lens within the warranty time outside of your warranty area, indeed you have to pay for the repair service - please find the instructions for out-of-warranty repairs. Your service address for ZEISS manufacturer's warranty:

ZEISS Consumer Products
COP Repair Service
1050 Worldwide Blvd
Hebron, KY 41048

  • For legal reasons, we request that you observe the following terms and conditions: