Japan (日本)

Touit, Batis, Loxia

Handling instructions:

  • Please review the ZEISS Warranty policy statement for the complete terms and conditions. In case of a needed warranty repair service please first contact your ZEISS dealer from whom you have purchase your lens or you contact our distributor in the country of the purchase: Find your ZEISS distributor
  • Your service address for ZEISS manufacturer's warranty:

Kenko Tokina Repair Center
1-9-20 Hyakunin-cho, Shinjuku-ku,
Tokyo 169-0073
Tel: 03-6840-3389

  • We will also service your lens within the warranty time outside of your warranty area, indeed you have to pay for the repair service.

Classic, Milvus, Otus, ZM

Handling instructions:

  • Please contact Cosina about warranty guideline directly.

1081 Yoshida Nakano Nagano Japan 383-8555
+81 (0) 269-22-5106