Data Privacy Policy

Thank you for your interest in our company and your wish to become a ZEISS employee. We believe it is important to inform you about how your personal data is handled in connection with the application process.

Please use only private email addresses for your applications or queries.

Controller and purpose of the data processing

Normal application process

By registering and sending the application to us in the ZEISS application portal, you are making your personal data available to us and consenting to the processing of this information as part of the application. You also have the option of giving your separate consent to the inclusion of your data in the Applicant Pool (see below).

As a matter of principle your data will only be used for the purpose of filling the specific position within the ZEISS group of companies. The controller for the collection and processing within the meaning of the General Data Processing Regulation is the ZEISS company responsible for the job advertisement or, in the case of an unsolicited application, the ZEISS company to which you send the application. For more detailed information on the specific ZEISS corporate entity, please go to recruiting .oberkochen @zeiss .com. You can review, update, and complete the information you provided in the ZEISS application portal at any time.

Unsolicited application

If you send an unsolicited application to our Applicant Management System your data is forwarded to the relevant ZEISS company matching your skill set.

Applicant Pool

If you have agreed that the data relating to your application can be forwarded, your profile is circulated if it could also be of interest for filling vacancies at other ZEISS companies. Consequently, your data is made available to ZEISS companies involved in the application process and they can contact you if they are interested.

Active Sourcing

If what we read about you in your profile is interesting and we have contacted you via career portals or similar, the first stage in familiarizing ourselves with you is via the social network in question. Subject to your agreement, we will include the data we have gathered from the social network in our application portal and then send you a link so that you can use a customized access facility to complete your profile and consent to your inclusion in our Applicant Pool. After we have collected your data from the social network you move into the normal application process (see above).


If you have an interesting profile you may already have been recommended by one of our ZEISS staff. In this case your contact data is first collected via the ZEISS staff member so that our system can then send you an automated email containing information and a link to the job profile. If you are interested, you can follow the normal application procedure. If you are not interested and do not respond to the email, we will delete your contact data from our system after a maximum period of two months. Thus, you have plenty of time to customize your profile for the relevant position or to use the data we have already collected for other interesting vacancies. We will be quite happy to delete your data on request before the end of the two-month period.

Type of data

During the application procedure we will process the data you submit to us in your application. This data includes in particular:

  • Identification data (family name, given name, tax identification number, etc.)
  • Contact data (email address, phone number etc.)
  • Data on your personal preferences (your likes, interests etc.)
  • Education and career data (school/university attended, career history)
  • Other relevant data (certificates, your photo, etc.)

Legal basis and rights of data subjects

Your data is collected for the purposes described above (appropriate reasons for employment by ZEISS). As ZEISS recruits new staff from many different countries, the legal basis for the legitimate processing of personal data is very varied. You will find further information on particular national legislation (for example the rights of data subjects under the General Data Protection Regulation) and general information about data processing at ZEISS on our website at

If your data is processed based on consent you have given, you can withdraw your consent with effect for the future at your discretion and at any time by going to the ZEISS application portal or by an email to recruiting .oberkochen @zeiss .com. The lawfulness of the data processing up to the time you withdraw your consent is  not affected by the withdrawal.

Recipients of data and location of the data processing

The ZEISS Group ensures that third parties, that are e.g. working on behalf of ZEISS and authorized to access this data, comply with the rights and obligations defined in this Data Privacy Policy. ZEISS and its service-providers always process the data on servers located in the European Union. In exceptional cases the data may also be processed to the extent permitted by law in countries outside Europe (third countries).

When forwarding data within the ZEISS Group, transferring it to a third party (e.g. due to anti-terror regulations) or into a third country and processing data via external partners, ZEISS observes the applicable data privacy laws and safeguards these activities as well as possible by the data privacy means available, including data processing contracts, EU standard contractual clauses and international conventions. If the local requirements abroad do not meet the level of protection afforded by the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, ZEISS will endeavor to keep the risks of personal data processing to a minimum by appropriate means.

Deletion of data

In principle we are obliged by law to archive your data relevant to the application process for six months. In the event that we are unable to offer you a position but provided that you have agreed to your inclusion in the Applicant Pool, we delete your data not later than two years from when we decline your application. After six months you can also delete your data in the ZEISS applicants portal at any time or by sending an email to recruiting .oberkochen @zeiss .com. If you have not agreed to the retention of your data, it is deleted as soon as we have filled the vacancy and/or within the six-month period. If you have agreed to the retention of your data we include this data in the HR administration processes which we conduct within the limits imposed by law.

Data security

ZEISS has corporate directives that are valid around the globe to ensure the security and confidentiality of data; in addition, the data privacy regulations in the countries in which a ZEISS company is headquartered also apply. Moreover, every service provider that processes your personal data on behalf of ZEISS undertakes to ensure confidentiality and to apply the same stringent security measures as ZEISS. Technical support of our Applicant Management System is supplied by an IT provider in Germany which we selected using the parameters required by law and for which the statutory data privacy requirements also apply.

Job Alert

If you establish a Job Alert, we only save the information needed for this (email address and selection criteria). You can terminate your involvement in Job Alert at any time. In this case we delete your information immediately.


If you have any questions about data privacy please do not hesitate to contact us at datap rivacy @zeiss .com. Please send any questions about the application process to recruiting .oberkochen @zeiss .com.


We will inform you promptly if there are any significant changes to the way we process your data. Data Privacy Policy as at September 2021.