ZEISS VELVET Simulation Night
Contrast Ratio 2,5 Mio : 1 ZEISS VELVET
ZEISS VELVET Simulation Twilight
ZEISS VELVET Simulation Night

Simulation Projection Solutions

Provider of complete solutions for simulations

ZEISS VELVET projectors offer a projection quality that is visibly superior to that of commercial projectors. Simulation applications with ZEISS VELVET projectors meet the user´s expectations of a modern realistic impression of a virtual reality.

ZEISS VELVET projectors are appreciated by pilots trained in flight simulators, but also by virtual reality and show event audiences.
So far, more than 160 projectors are in use in flight simulators with highest demands.

The worldwide highest native contrast of 2.5M to 1 creates sharp and distinct pixels transferred by ZEISS DIGIGON lenses for virtually aberration and distortion free projections. Simulations that deliver perfect replicas of reality.

Exceptional Projection Quality

Thanks to the flawless quality afforded by ZEISS VELVET projectors and the entirely artifact-free transitions in multichannel projection, you can become truly immersed in the training simulation.

It’s no longer possible to tell the difference between a projection and reality, particularly with projections of dark images such as simulations of nighttime flying. This is just what you need to project images using an infrared wavelength, which is required for training with Night Vision Goggles.

Feature Highlights

Flawless nighttime simulations thanks to visual and/or infrared images.

10-bit blending solution – completely artifact-free, no channel transitions.

Motion mode – sharper details even with fast-moving images.

120 Hz Signal input capability. Also 2x 60Hz inputs (interleaved) possible

LED light source


Exhibition appearance I/ITSEC 2023
Visit us from Nov. 27, 2023 - Dec. 1, 2023 and experience our latest projection technology.

Products & Solutions

Configuration, layout and calculation of multichannel projection in line with customer needs.

Provision of ZEISS VELVET 1600 SIM projectors and all necessary components.  

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Complete installation and documentation.

System monitoring throughout the entire operating time.

Training components.

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  • Eurofighter Germany (Full Mission Simulators Cockpit Trainer)
  • Daimler AG (Driving Simulators)
  • United States Navy (LSO Trainer)
  • Tornado (Full Mission Simulator)
  • Fraunhofer IFF Elbedom (Virtuell Reality Center)
  • Transall C160 (Colimated Display with motion platform)