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ZEISS Simulation Projection Solutions

As the pioneer of scientific optics, we continue to challenge the limits of human imagination. With our passion for excellence, we create value for our customers and inspire the world in new ways.  One example of many: ZEISS VELVET SIM projectors, which are used in the field of flight simulators with the highest requirements.

  • Two common projectors
  • Two velvet projectors
  • Two common projectors
  • Two velvet projectors

Our mission

Ever since ZEISS was founded 175 years ago, curiosity, passion and precision have been inspiring us and our customers. Together, we have succeeded time after time in opening up new perspectives, transforming difficult challenges into major opportunities, and making the impossible possible.

We have many years of experience in simulation applications. Over these years, it became clear again and again that:

Realistic simulations of night scenes and a detailed, realistic display over the entire brightness range were not possible. No projector was able to deliver the completely black background that is essential for realistic reproduction of dark image content. And what's more, in multi-channel systems, the double brightness in overlapping projector fields also destroys the immersion in the simulation. Our incentive was to solve this problem.

  • Low contrast
  • High contrast
  • Low contrast
  • High contrast

Expertise and precision

Competitors have resigned themselves to this problem – the displayable brightness range is limited from the start. The cross-fading of the individual images in a multi-channel system is prevented by interference-prone mechanical blending masks, which have to be integrated in front of the lens output.

We at ZEISS, on the other hand, were certain: with the technical knowledge we have accumulated over decades and the precision of our manufacturing, we can build visual systems that are more realistic than ever before.

In projection, the color black means the complete absence of light. So we had to find a way to filter out the interfering residual light to project a completely black pixel.

The solution was now within reach: two DMD chips from Texas Instruments are combined with optical components from ZEISS in such a way that perfect imaging is achieved from the first chip to the second.

An optical system specially developed and patented by ZEISS has been developed for this purpose. This system incorporates high-precision free-forming technologies to achieve optimal double modulation and thus a contrast of 2.5 million:1.

With this technical solution, we have set new standards in simulation.

For every optical device developed at ZEISS, there is that one special, all-important moment when years of development and research and dedication by the developers culminate: First Light.

This magical milestone is reached when all systems of the complex machine work smoothly together and a first optical image can be displayed.

Since this first milestone, we have continuously developed the ZEISS VELVET SIM: new LED illumination, anti-smearing techniques, blending with 10-bit color depth and additional visualizations through IR stimulation.

Our passion for excellence continues to drive us, so we always want to evolve our projectors and always offer the customer the best technical solutions.

ZEISS VELVET projectors

ZEISS VELVET projectors are fully recognized by pilots training in flight simulators, but also by spectators of major show events and users of virtual reality applications. Discover the most realistic solution for visual systems with the world's highest native contrast of 2.5 million : 1 and aberration-free and distortion-free ZEISS DIGIGON projection lenses.

  • Creating reality

    ZEISS Simulation Projection Solutions plans, configures and installs high-end simulation systems for a wide variety of uses. Even in other virtual landscapes, we manage to create a reality that is hard to beat due to years of experience and constant development.

  • Quality products

    ZEISS invests heavily in research and development to expand its technology and market leadership. Together with our years of experience in the simulator and projection market, we deliver quality products to the customer.

  • Maximum definition

    ZEISS has been manufacturing optical instruments with the highest precision for over 175 years. For these reasons, our ZEISS VELVET SIM projectors achieve the highest possible definition, clearly delineated pixels and highest image resolution. This makes the simulation a perfect replica of reality.


  • Eurofighter Deutschland

    (Full Mission Simulators Cockpit Trainer)

  • Daimler AG

    (Driving Simulators)

  • United States Navy

    (LSO Trainer)

  • Tornado

    (Full Mission Simulator)

  • Fraunhofer IFF Elbedom

    (Virtuell Reality Center)

  • Transall C160

    (Colimated Display with motion platform)

Our locations

Carl Zeiss Jena GmbH building

Carl Zeiss Jena GmbH

Simulation Projection Solutions

Carl-Zeiss-Promenade 10
07745 Jena

Phone: +49 3641 64 3015 or  +49 171 2252023

The ZEISS location in Jena is home to our VELVET SIM production facilities and our research and development areas.

Carl Zeiss Department Simulation Projection Solutions in Orlando, building

Carl Zeiss

Department Simulation Projection Solutions

Corporate Center 2
11486 Corporate Blvd
Orlando, Florida, 32817

Phone:  +1 757 285-8987 or  +49 3641 64 3015

Our US service and sales staff are based in Orlando. Experience the quality of our projection systems in our state-of-the-art projection room.

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