365.24 Days of Precision
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365.24 Days of Precision

A Whole Year of Metrology

A year full of metrology - that is 364.24 days of precision. Or to be more exact: 364.2425 days. So, how precise are you? Isn't it all about precision in metrology? It is always important to know how precise your measurements need to be. However, it is not always the case that you need to be "as precise as possible". Sometimes all you need is two decimal places.

We will accompany you throughout the year of 2018 and help you master your metrological challenges. Discover new tips every month that will not only make your daily work easier but also give you advice how to save time and money.


Working digitally
Working digitally


Temperature influences
Influence of temperature metrology


Reducing measuring time
Decreasing measurement time


elearning ZEISS


Data management
Data management, big data, ZEISS, metrology


Complex measuring tasks
Measuring tasks, metrology


Decrease setup time
Decrease set-up time


Industrial computed tomography
Industrial computed tomography


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