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Field Judging Different Games

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Field Judging North American Big Game

How to field judge for trophy quality is one of the most frequently asked question the Club's Records Department receives. Knowing what an animal might score relative to the area you are hunting and the species hunted can be valuable information to have prior to committing to taking a shot. Whether for assisting in age evaluation, bettering a previously taken trophy, managing a property, or the record book more and more sportsmen and women are looking to sharpen these skills.
While nothing will replace actual experience in the field there are helpful tips and information available in the links below for all species of native North American big game to get you started.


Field Judging

Different Games

Whitetail Deer

The major features that make up a B&C score for mule deer and blacktails are: F - main beam length, G - point lengths, H - circumferences, and D - Inside Spread.


Field Judging - Whitetail Deer


The major features that make up a B&C score for a pronghorn: C - Length of Horn, D - circumferences, and E - Length of Prong.


Field Judging - Pronghorn