TERRA XB75 Crossbow Scope

The moment enthusiasm connects with precision.

The new ZEISS TERRA XB75 Crossbow Scope.

The new ZEISS TERRA XB75 is the first premium scope to dedicate German engineering and performance to hardcore crossbow enthusiasts. With a lightweight, rugged, compact 1“ design and MC anti-reflective coatings to squeeze every last minute of shootable light out of your hunting day, the XB75 hunts as hard and long as you do.


  • Highlights

    Here you find the top features of the TERRA XB75 Crossbow Scope.


    Bright, clear optics

    Uncompromising performance: MC anti-reflective coatings produces bright, high contrast images.

    Lightweight, rugged design

    Handles rugged terrain and challenging conditions. Backed by ZEISS U.S. Limited Lifetime Warranty.

    Patented ballistic reticle

    The patented XB75’s reticle allows you to shoot at distances up to 75 yards in 2 ½ yard increments.

  • Features

    Bright, clear optics

    The TERRA XB75 features MC anti-reflective coatings to produces bright, high contrast images eliminating the need for an illuminated reticle. Now you can hunt harder and longer by being able to stay on stand when the last bit of light is being squeezed out of the day.

    Lightweight, rugged design

    The TERRA XB75 features all the benefits of German engineering and performance that you've come to expect from ZEISS, including uncompromising optical performance, all in a lightweight, extremely rugged, compact 1" design.

    Patented ballistic reticle

    The patented technology of the XB75’s reticle provides the ability to shoot distances up to 75 yards in 2 ½ yard increments. The scope has six separate crosshairs, the main cross section of each crosshair represents whole yardages (20 to 70 yards).

  • Specifications

    TERRA XB75 2-7x32 Crossbow Scope

    The TERRA XB75 is the first premium crossbow scope from ZEISS with an extremely low profile 1" tube design for high performance and MC anti-reflective coatings for bright, high contrast images. The XB75 2-7x32 offers crossbow enthusiasts the ability to determine aiming points from 20-75 yards in 2 ½ yard increments. It's good for crossbow speeds from 275 to 425 fps.

    Technical data

    Here you find all technical data about the TERRA XB75 2-7x32

    Magnification 2.3 x7 x
    Effective Lens Diameter 24.4 mm32 mm
    Exit Pupil Diameter 12.2 mm4.6 mm
    Twilight Factors 715
    Field of View at 100 yd 46.5 ft 13.5 ft
    Objective Viewing Angle 7.4 °2.5 °
    Diopter Adjustment Range +-2.5 | 2.5 dpt
    Eye Relief 90 mm
    Parallax-Free in yards 30-Infinite
    Adjustment per Click at 100yd 0.25 inch
    Adjustment Range Height at 100yd 62 inch
    Adjustment Range Lateral at 100yd inch
    Centre Tube Diameter 25.4 mm
    Eye Piece Tube Diameter 41 mm
    Objective Tube Diameter 39.5 mm
    Water Resistance 400 mbar
    Functional Temperature in °F -13 | +122 °F
    Length 11.5 inch
    Weight in Use 13.4 oz
    Order Number w/o Standard Hunting Turret 5227219986
    Order Number with Lockable Target Turret 5227219986


    The TERRA XB75 2-7x32 is suitable for

    Less suitable Very suitable
    Dangerous Game
    Stand Day
    Stand Dusk
    Target Shooting
  • Reticle

    Patented ballistic reticle

    The patented technology of the XB75’s reticle provides the ability to shoot distances up to 75 yards in 2 ½ yard increments. The scope has six separate crosshairs, the main cross section of each crosshair represents whole yardages (20 to 70 yards). The dot in between each set of crosshairs represents the half yardage marks. The top and bottom of each individual crosshair represents the 2 ½ yard marks. The top of the reticle wire protruding from the bottom of the reticle is the 75 yard indicator mark.

    The scope’s ocular ring has engravings representing speeds from 275 fps - 425 fps and magnification from 2x – 7x. To program, simply mount the scope on the rail of the crossbow using high-quality rings, then set a target at 10 yards using the 20 yard (1st crosshair from the top) and shoot until you hit center, then repeat at 20 yards. Once the main 20 yard reticle is sighted in, turn the speed indicator on the ocular to the manufacturers advertised speed (this may vary based on bolt length and weight). Now move the target to 30 yards and sight in using the 30 yard reticle (2nd crosshair from the top). Once the 30 yard crosshair is sighted in, the scope is now calibrated to your crossbow and all of the other aiming points will be correct. Crossbows with speeds over 425 fps and using a lighter arrow combination may require a main crosswire sight-in point of 30 yards instead of the normal 20 yards. This will require calibrating the scope at 40 yards to compensate for the flat trajectory of the crossbow bolt. The owner’s manual includes more detailed setup instructions.

  • Questions & Answers

    Questions & Answers

    • Why is this scope not illuminated?

      Like most riflescopes, illumination is rarely needed if the glass quality is of the highest standard. In simple terms, if your scope is bright enough, you dont need illumination.

    • Why is this scope so long?

      Longer tubes allow the optical picture to be less manipulated as the image moves through the tube, making a brighter clearer image.

  • Awards

    Crossbow Magazine - Reader's Choice 2015

    Our XB75 crossbow scope has won Crossbow Magazine's "Reader's Choice" award for Best Crossbow Optic. "Carl Zeiss Sports Optics has raised the industry standard in crossbow optics.” - Crossbow Magazine


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