Victory PhotoScope

New dimensions of observation and photography

Experience a whole new dimension of observation and photography, created by Carl Zeiss: The Victory PhotoScope offers you a unique opportunity to capture those really special moments of field observation. Now you can keep the special moments for as long as you want in the form of high-quality photographs. ZEISS combined premium observation optics and complete, high-performance digital camera technology with super tele lens: the Victory PhotoScope – innovative, leading-edge optics designed for capturing those special moments.

  • Highlights

    Here you find the top features of the Victory PhotoScope.

    Super-telephoto lens

    The PhotoScope offers excellent features for immediate photographic documentation.

    Wideangle optics

    Looking through the eyepiece, which is also suitable for glasses wearers, the observer can see a magnification range of …

    Brilliant FL-concept

    The unrivalled brilliance of the natural colours and the outstanding image brightness result from the use of high-performance fluoride glass.

  • Features

    Simple to operate with a wide range of automatic functions

    The Victory Photoscope is as easy to use as a ZEISS spotting scope and as intelligent as a digital camera. Even for users with no prior knowledge of photography, the Victory PhotoScope can be put to use immediately for game and nature observation. Use it as a spotting scope with an outstandingly large field of view and up to 45x magnification and set it to Auto mode to let the intelligent electronics decide on the right photographic settings.  Alternatively, as an experienced photographer, adjust the settings yourself to get the perfect shot. This device is so easy to use that you can start out as a beginner and soon turn into a professional.

    Super-telephoto lens for photography

    The Victory PhotoScope is the ideal way to capture a special moment in a photograph:  it has a 3 x zoom lens with low light capability and a focal length range of 600 mm to 1800 mm (similar to a 35 mm format camera) plus an outstanding nominal lens aperture of 1:2.4 to 1:3.3. Preserve your most beautiful observations for ever.

    Unrivalled wide angle optics for observation

    A spotting scope with a field of view of up to 240 ft! Unlike conventional eyepiece zoom solutions, the special lens construction of the Victory PhotoScope has resulted in a unique, wide angle system that covers the entire magnification range, and perfected for quick observation. The subjective angle of view of 68° (240ft/1000yds) at 15 x magnification is both unique and unrivalled. You can observe objects at magnifications of up to 45x and see even the smallest details in the overall view.

    Brilliant FL-concept

    The unrivalled brilliance of the natural colors and the outstanding image brightness result from the use of high-performance fluoride glass. The FL-concept means you will hardly see any chromatic aberrations. Even the finest details are pin sharp with impressive color reproduction – images that please the eye. The challenge was to combine an optical image with photography. A beam splitter is used to create this brilliant image, both for visual observation via the eyepiece and for digital photography.

    Robust, weatherproof housing

    The Victory PhotoScope 85 T* FL was designed to offer spectacular observations and nature photography. Snow, rain or storm conditions prove no obstacle to performance. The optics and electronics are enclosed in a sturdy housing while the robust, scratchproof rubber armour stands up to even the most challenging outdoor conditions. Furthermore, the black outer shell prevents the reflection of light, which could give away your position when photographing wildlife - making it perfect for use when hunting wary game.

    Shake-free telephoto lens

    Compared to SLR cameras with their hinged mirrors, the beam splitter creates an image in total silence and - more importantly - with no shake on the 7 megapixel, low-noise CCD sensor. Photographs can also be taken using an electronic remote control. This also serves to avoid shaking, which can be a serious problem at such extreme focal lengths. This gives you the sharpest photographs, even at long range and maximum magnification.

    Bright OLED screen

    Whether you want to look at your photographs or change the parameters, the large, bright 7 cm OLED screen is the perfect solution. The screen can be folded out and swung round. This means you can show your fellow observers the target in question quickly and easily. If you are not using the photo function the screen can be fixed securely onto the side of the scope.

    Autofocus-Assist function

    Get some help with focussing. The specially developed Autofocus-Assist function makes corrections to the manual focussing where necessary, to compensate for minor focussing errors and ensure you still get a sharp image.

    Video function

    Special moments often consist of more than a single image: a movement, the interaction between wild animals and their environment. These moments can now be captured in AVI video format. You can use the live screen to track your filming and recreate the unique live experience.

    Innovative lens coating

    Enjoy fascinating image quality whatever the weather. The LotuTec® coating ensures that water simply rolls off the lenses and dirt can be removed easily without a trace.

    Versatile menus

    Alongside the automatic functions you can choose from a wide range of manual settings, such as the manual entry of a colour temperature to achieve the desired white balance, ISO values from 50 ASA, spot measurements, bracketing function, series lighting or lighting control using histograms. This means even advanced users can enjoy maximum freedom and creativity so that the most can be made of both photographer and equipment.

    Connection options

    It is easy to communicate with various different media so that you can get more out of your captured experiences. The Victory PhotoScope offers a range of options for you to transfer your photographs to your computer quickly and simply. Alongside the SD card slot, a 1 GB SD memory card included in the scope of delivery, there is the option of a USB connection. Naturally a direct connection to the mains power supply is also supplied.

  • Models

    Victory PhotoScope 85 T* FL

    Leading-edge optics combined with powerful camera technology. The Victory PhotoScope offers everything that a high-end spotting scope has to offer: Brilliant images in a wide field of view format and many other Carl Zeiss optics features. However, the super tele lens and the integrated digital camera make this product unique. Hold on to extraordinary moments in detail, with striking proximity.

    Technical Data

    Here you find all technical data about the Victory PhotoScope 85 T* FL

    Magnification 15 - 45 x
    Entrance Pupilmax. 85 mm
    Field of View at 1000 yd 240 - 81 ft
    Close Focus in ft 16.5 ft
    Focus SettingManual and focus assist
    Length in Inch 17.25 inch
    Weight in Use in oz 104 oz
    Image Sensor7MP CCD (3052
    Focal Length (corr. to 35 mm) 600 - 1800 mm
    Largest Aperture2.4 - 3.3
    Aperture Stopsopen, 11, 22
    ISO Sensitivity50 - 800
    Shutter Speeds B-1 - 4000 s
    ProgrammesManual, P, A, Auto
    ExposureSpot, Centre-weighted, Matrix, Histogram, Highlights, Shade
    White BalanceAuto, Manual, Luminescent substance, Artificial light, Shade, Cloud, Cloud and sun with semi-automatic
    Bracketing6 levels for exposure series, 2 levels for focus series
    Image Size7M, 4M, 2M
    File FormatJPG, DNG, AVI
    Power Supply7.4 V Lithium Ion/extern
    ConnectionsUSB 2.0, Network
    StorageMediumSD Card
    Order Number528100


    The Victory PhotoScope 85 T* FL is suitable for

    Less suitable Very suitable
    Nature observation
    Outdoor activities
  • Accessories

    For shake-free moments

    Such a device needs to be well protected for use in even the harshest of conditions. A carrying case and tripod are therefore also available as accessories in order to ensure that your device is always handy and ready to create perfect images.

  • Questions & Answers

    Questions & Answers

    • Is there an AV in/out interface?

      No, there is no direct AV interface for live transmission of images on a television, because this is primarily a device for outdoor use.

    • What do the abbreviations mean?

      Meaning of the abbreviations

      Binoculars or spotting scopes with glasses that contain fluoride (FL) for sharper, higher contrast images with significantly reduced chromatic aberrations; Fluoride Lenses; a special, high-quality sub-category of the ED lenses

      Previously used to designate Dialyt binoculars with rubber armour

      ZEISS T* multi-layer coating for extremely high transmission and low reflex susceptibility

      ZEISS multi-layer coating (multi coating)

      P / P*   
      Phase correction coating on the roof prisms, which provide a higher resolution of the finest detail structures. All ZEISS binoculars with roof prisms use this coating

      Previously used to designate binoculars that can be worn by people who wear glasses.
      Now all ZEISS binoculars and spotting scope eyepieces are suitable for people who wear glasses, so the "B" designation is no longer used

      Binoculars with mechanical image stabilisation

      Riflescope models with ZEISS mounting rail.

      Riflescope with illumination control

      Extra low Dispersion = low chromatic aberrations

      High Definition. HD is not a type of lens. Instead it describes the result of the ED lenses: very good resolution

      High Transmission = lenses by SCHOTT with very good transmission properties.


      Smart Focus = Conventional binoculars require the focusing wheel to be turned 2.5 times in order to switch from the close focus to the maximum observation distance. The VICTORY SF only requires the wheel to be turned 1.8 times.