Victory Z-Point

Quick and resilient

Every bit as quick as the Victory Compact Point but even more robust. The sealed housing offers reliable protection to both optical and electronic parts. Discover the benefits of the automatic intensity regulation of the illuminated dot on your next driven hunt and experience for yourself the ultra-rapid target acquisition. The technology that lies within this compact reflex sight offers you significant advantages: the illuminated dot has a manual as well as an automatic digital control system - ensuring maximum security and precision in terms of function. A further security feature is the combination of batteries and solar cell. This leads to virtually unlimited function and total reliability.

  • Highlights

    Here you find the top features of the Victory Z-Point reflex sight.

    Totally secure housing

    Wenn Sie etwas für den härtesten Einsatz benötigen, bei dem Sie keinerlei Rücksicht auf Ihr Material nehmen können, ist das Victory Z-Point genau das Richtige.

    LotuTec® coating

    Keep your target clearly in sight whatever the weather. Water simply rolls off the tried and tested LotuTec® coating, guaranteeing you clear visibility.

    Hybrid power supply

    Depending on the light conditions, the power is supplied either by batteries or by the integrated solar cell.

  • Features

    Totally secure housing

    When you need something for the most challenging conditions, where you are unable to pay any attention to your materials, the Victory Z-Point is the right sight for you. The waterproof and dustproof aluminium housing offers reliable protection for the optics and electronics when tracking in dense undergrowth or in thick snow.

    Tried and tested LotuTec® coating

    Keep your target clearly in sight whatever the weather. Water simply rolls off the tried and tested LotuTec® coating, ensuring clear visibility even in rain and snow. This innovative protective layer also makes it quick and easy to remove dust and dirt.

    Hybrid power supply

    Depending on the light conditions, the power is supplied either by a CR 2032 battery or by the integrated solar cell. This ensures a reliable and long-lasting power supply, meaning that you can always rely on the secure function of your reflex sight.


    As with the Victory Compact Point, the sight is turned on and off using the large, easy-to-use function button. The brightness regulation of the illuminated dot is controlled automatically by the ambient light. You can use the manual override at any time, depending on the intensity of illumination you prefer in any particular hunting situation.

  • Models

    Victory Z-Point

    The Victory Z-Point offers driven hunt shooters or trackers a robust and precise sighting mechanism for spontaneous, lightning-quick aiming at moving game. Its sealed housing makes it robust and waterproof. The hybrid power supply with battery and solar cell provides a reliable source of power for the fine, adjustable illuminated dot.

    Technical data

    Here you find all technical data about the Victory Z-Point

    Magnification1 x
    Optic Element21 mm
    Dot Size10 cm
    Adjustment Range Height at 100m+/- 2 m
    Adjustment Range Lateral at 100m+/- 1,4 m
    LotuTec® Yes
    Dimension L x W x H63.5 mm x 36 mm x 44.5 mm
    Weight in Use160 g
    Energy Supply / Type of BatterySolar/3V Lithium CR 2032
    Order No. (Options)521766 (Picatinny)
    521767 (Weaver)
    521768 (Sauer 303)


    The Victory Z-Point is suitable for

    Less suitable Very suitable
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  • Mounting

    Various rail mounts

    Four different mounting options are available: one each for the popular Weaver and Picatinny rails, one for the Sauer 303. This means you can mount your Victory Z-Point securely on your favourite hunting or tracking rifle.

    Weaver rail mount

    The Weaver rail mount is particularly common on semi-automatic rifles. It is also found on many sports rifles. The use of spring clips means that it can be securely mounted in seconds. The security of the mounting is not affected by recoil or vibration.

    Picatinny rail mount

    The Picatinny rail mount is very similar to the Weaver rail mount. The Victory Z-Point rifle is firmly fixed to the rifle using spring clips and is not affected by recoil. The rail mounts are particularly beneficial in challenging conditions.

    Sauer 202 and 303

    A special mounting system is available for the well-known Sauer 202 lightweight bolt action rifle and the Sauer 303 semi-automatic. This can be used to mount the Victory Z-Point directly on the Sauer rifles.

  • Accessories

    Safely transported and sighted in

    Well thought-out accessories are available to help with secure storage, mounting and sighting in:

    Protective cap

    The best way to protect your Victory Z-Point from dirt and during transport is with the special protective cap. This keeps your sight free of dirt and scratches, ready for the next time it is used. Simply remove the cap and you are ready to take aim quickly.

    Adjustment tool

    Use the adjustment tool provided for quick mounting and secure and precise sighting in.

  • Questions & Answers

    Questions & Answers

    • What do the abbreviations mean?

      Meaning of the abbreviations

      Binoculars or spotting scopes with glasses that contain fluoride (FL) for sharper, higher contrast images with significantly reduced chromatic aberrations; Fluoride Lenses; a special, high-quality sub-category of the ED lenses

      Previously used to designate Dialyt binoculars with rubber armour

      ZEISS T* multi-layer coating for extremely high transmission and low reflex susceptibility

      ZEISS multi-layer coating (multi coating)

      P / P*   
      Phase correction coating on the roof prisms, which provide a higher resolution of the finest detail structures. All ZEISS binoculars with roof prisms use this coating

      Previously used to designate binoculars that can be worn by people who wear glasses.
      Now all ZEISS binoculars and spotting scope eyepieces are suitable for people who wear glasses, so the "B" designation is no longer used

      Binoculars with mechanical image stabilisation

      Riflescope models with ZEISS mounting rail.

      Riflescope with illumination control

      Extra low Dispersion = low chromatic aberrations

      High Definition. HD is not a type of lens. Instead it describes the result of the ED lenses: very good resolution

      High Transmission = lenses by SCHOTT with very good transmission properties.


      Smart Focus = Conventional binoculars require the focusing wheel to be turned 2.5 times in order to switch from the close focus to the maximum observation distance. The VICTORY SF only requires the wheel to be turned 1.8 times.