Brightness that sets new standards

A high percentage of light transmission describes what is perhaps the most important feature of any binoculars or riflescope: the brightness of the image. Carl Zeiss is the world's market leader when it comes to image brightness in optics. The hunting optics made in Wetzlar deliver brilliant, high-contrast images even in the most challenging of light conditions. This means that you can shoot for much longer and even take the perfect shot in difficult light conditions. Enjoy greater success with the high transmission optics from Carl Zeiss.

Transmission refers to the amount of light that passes through

You can see the difference between a good lens and a cheap lens at the first look, even if specific values such as twilight factor appear to be the same in products of the same size. Lenses with higher levels of light transmission bring you clear, bright images, while cheap products produce images that are dark and dull. The key factor is how much light is "swallowed up" by the lenses, and therefore fails to reach the eye of the observer. As the genius and ZEISS scientist Alexander Smakula realised some 80 years ago, when light enters or leaves a lens, a certain percentage of the light is reflected from the boundaries. Depending on the type of glass used this is usually between 4 and 8%, and, depending on the number of lenses, the total light lost can be as much as 50% or more. Smakula countered this significant disadvantage by covering the surface of the lenses with extremely thin layers of special materials. In doing so, he changed the transfer of air to glass, thereby reducing the reflections. This led to significantly improved levels of light transmission. Binoculars and riflescopes with this "Transmission layer" were, from that point on, given the designation "T", and the improved multi-layer coating developed at the end of the 70s was named "T*”.  For us, "ZEISS T*" is a core skill, and one that we are constantly developing. For you, Smakula's discovery means bright, high-contrast images with no distracting reflections.

But even that is not enough to satisfy the drive towards optimising transmission in all ZEISS products

ZEISS HT – an innovative optical concept with SCHOTT HT high transmission lenses, performance-enhanced Carl Zeiss T* multi-layer coating, loss-free transmission reticle technology (in riflescopes) and the use of the Abbe-König prism system (in binoculars) - stands for the best transmission performance ever. Developed for use in the last traces of twilight and in difficult light conditions. With up to 95% or more light transmission Carl Zeiss set a new standard in brightness. No other premium manufacturer offers more in terms of light reserves. Experience a whole new dimension with the new VICTORY HT riflescopes and binoculars.