Practical Accessories for ZEISS Spotting Scopes

Unlimited possibilities

However versatile the applications of the high-performance spotting scopes from Carl Zeiss may be, the accessories are equally versatile. With their original solutions they can turn a Victory DiaScope spotting scope into a camera, enabling you to capture the events unfolding before your eyes. The adaptor that lets you reach for the stars is just as clever and powerful. The range of accessories is varied and practical, and all the products have been developed to enhance your experiences of the natural world.


ZEISS Tripod Professional

The carbon tripod provides utmost stability and flexibility. It can be combined with all ZEISS spotting scopes and most binoculars. The tripod head allows for particularly soft panning and tilting, featuring a precise and safe clamping mechanism. Including a slideable quick-change plate.

ExoLens® Bracket Adapter

Observing, capturing, sharing – used in conjunction with the suitable spotting scope adapter, the new ExoLens® bracket* easily connects smartphones with the spotting scope to be used as a camera for digiscoping.
* The ExoLens® bracket is available for the Apple® iPhone® 6/6s, iPhone® 7, the Samsung Galaxy® S6 edge and the Samsung Galaxy® S6.

Carrying case

Conquest Gavia & Victory DiaScope

The new carrying case for the Conquest Gavia and the Victory DiaScope was designed for the reliable protection, optimum carrying comfort and, above all, quick operational readiness of the spotting scope. Particularly in outdoor use and in the most adverse weather conditions, the case offers additional protection from rain and other external influences. Both the eyepiece and lens covers were designed to ensure that they can be securely fastened to the case while you are engaged in observing nature. This prevents them from flapping about in the wind or even getting lost. The carrying cases have been specially designed for the Conquest Gavia and the Victory DiaScope.

Adapters for DiaScope eyepieces on astronomical telescopes

Use the powerful DiaScope eyepieces with T* multicoating to observe the stars. You can use an astro adapter to connect both the 12.8 mm wide-angle, and therefore also the two zoom eyepieces (8.4 mm – 25.1 mm and 6.7 mm – 25.1 mm focal length) to astronomical telescopes. The adapters are available for telescopes with 1 ¼" and 2" mounts.

Adapters for astro eyepieces on ZEISS spotting scopes

The adapters for astro eyepieces also allow the use of eyepieces with a short focal length and a 1¼" mount on ZEISS spotting scopes. Depending on the focal length of the eyepieces, magnifications up to over 100x can therefore also be achieved with compact spotting scopes. The adapters are available both for the Victory DiaScope and for the Conquest Gavia spotting scopes.

ZEISS Photo Lens Adapter

M49, M52 and M58

Whether you’re observing, filming or taking photographs, the photo lens adapter from ZEISS enables you to directly connect your spotting scope to your digital camera, thereby transforming the spotting scope into a powerful telephoto lens.

Quick Camera Adaptor II

Record your best observations on video and in photographs. The Quick Camera Adaptor II helps you to change quickly and repeatedly between observing and filming or photographing. The tried and tested connection element between the spotting scope and the video or digital camera allows you to fasten the camera on the side next to the spotting scope while you are observing. When you want to capture a moment on video or in a photograph, simply swivel the camera round in front of the eyepiece and start filming. With its sturdy construction the Quick Camera Adaptor is also perfectly suited for heavy video and digital cameras, enabling you to enjoy shake-free filming.