ZEISS Premium Lens Care Products

ZEISS Premium Lens Care Products

Take the very best care of the very best optics.

The high quality ZEISS lens cleaning accessories are ideal for reliably cleaning all premium optics, including cameras, binoculars, telescopes and rifle scopes to keep your optics factory new for years.

ZEISS Tube Lens Care Kit

The portable Zeiss Tube Lens Care Kit combines essential cleaning products to maintain your most valuable optics. A two-ounce pump spray bottle of cleaning fluid helps to remove fingerprints, smudges and dirt spots from optical lenses or eyeglasses when used with the included reusable ultra-soft 6” x 7” micro-fiber cleaning cloth. 10 pre-moistened disposable lens wipes are also included.

ZEISS Lens Care Spray Kit with Ultra-Soft Microfiber Cloth

This cleaner and cloth combo may be used on a wide variety of surfaces including: prescription sunglasses, scopes and binoculars, computer screens, cell phones, safety and sports goggles, camera lenses, CD's, DVDs and most other glass and plastic surfaces.

30 and 60 count Lens Wipes

ZEISS Lens Cleaning Wipes are chemically treated disposable single use cloths that safely and quickly clean most optics, including eyeglass lenses, laptop screens, camera lenses, sunglasses, cell phones and GPS screens. They are ideal for easy transport are should be considered a “must have” for the outdoorsman’s equipment needs. There are boxed packages with 30 count and 60 count.

Microfiber Lens Cloths

Microfiber Lens Cloths from ZEISS help you remove various contaminants from your optics and electronics to help keep them clean and bright. They are reusable, machine washable and can be used with or without cleaning fluid. These cloths are available in a Jumbo-Size Ultra-Soft 12” x 16” size, which is excellent for larger gear, including monitors and laptops. Also, an Ultra-Soft 6” x 7” Microfiber Cloth which comes in assorted solid colors and prints is available. A Microfiber 4” x 7” Cloth Pouch is available in assorted solid colors, and includes a soft drawstring. The pouch doubles as a cleaning cloth. 

ZEISS Fog Defender Spray with Fog Defender Microfiber Cloth

This product is designed to be used and applied to optical devices or lenses after they have been cleaned. The anti-fog system minimizes the external fogging of optics when being used in extremely cold or humid environments. The kit includes one ½ oz. bottle of Fog Defender Spray and one 5” x 5” Fog Defender microfiber cloth.