Hiking premiere: CONQUEST HD

I've packed my rucksack, got enough water, a good sandwich as a small snack, and protein bars just in case - everything you need for a thrilling climb. I'm ready to become one with nature, and really clear my mind again. More than that: I need it! My mobile is definitely staying at home. I don't need technology. The only companion I want to take with me, despite its high-performance technology, is my CONQUEST HD 10x32. Now I've set off, the climb is steep and strenuous.


The only sound that intrudes on the twittering and chirring around me is the crunching of my soles on the stony ground. After about an hour I leave the route and carry on uphill on a narrow path. Bit by bit the steep slope eats away at my endurance. My breathing comes fast, my legs feel like lead. I take my first short break, look down through the trees at the distance I've put behind me, and enjoy the view. A good moment to unpack the CONQUEST HD.

Handling gets five stars: The binoculars have a comfortable grip, and I really like the large focussing wheel. My finger rests on it like a second nature. I focus on the mountains opposite. What a view! As promised, the field of view is impressively large. Peak upon peak spread out before me. The mountains seem endless. And such clear colours!

Will the binoculars keep their promise at close quarters too? The slope next to the path is covered in green grass, ferns, moss and small purple, white and red flowers. Butterflies and other little instects flit through this miniature jungle. I focus on it and am impressed again. Even the smallest detail is crystal clear. A great performance for such compact binoculars. Especially considering I'm looking at an area not even 2 metres away.

The CONQUEST HD is as light as a feather. Which is why I now wear it around my neck, so I can look through it whenever I want to. I've long since left the forest behind, so I stop often to pan the countryside. The ground beneath my feat is getting rockier, and I have to be careful that I don't slip on the scree. Having arrived on the plateau, I walk to a small snowfield. On a neighbouring mountainside, slightly higher than the plateau, I watch small dots moving. Have I just discovered some ibexes? Excited, I raise my binoculars. Indeed. Even at such a vast distance I can see a small group of ibexes. I am where I wanted to be up here. Alone with myself and nature. My technological companion is not the cause of my good mood. But I have to admit that it adds to it. The HD brings me even closer to nature. In the case of the ibexes, closer than ever before.

When the sun has reached its zenith, I set out back to the valley. Several times the path crosses a small stream, which fills with ever more fresh water as it approaches the valley. I take a small detour and refresh myself with the icy water. It shimmers green in deeper parts. I follow the stream a little, make my way across stones. I'm not worried about my binoculars. The CONQUEST HD is waterproof, and a special coating protects the lenses against water.


Hans Strasser


Our tester had a great day. The CONQUEST HD has successfully completed its first mountain hike. Would you like to learn more? Here you can find out everything about the new models.