Internet Scam involving ZEISS products

buyer beware: fake ZEISS dealers

While we have many legitimate internet dealers, we have become aware of several fake dealers doing business on the internet. These dealers are not, and never have been, authorized ZEISS dealers, and, as far as we know, have NO actual ZEISS product to sell. Many offer other lines of top selling optics as well as ZEISS. They appear to be "take the credit card and run" operations. They are never on-line for more than a few weeks before they move on to a new name and new URL. As a general rule, if all the prices on an internet site appear to be too good to be true...then they probably are. Before you give your credit card number to anyone selling ZEISS product at a heavily discounted price, check with our Customer Service Department to make sure thay are authorized and legitimate. Buyer beware.

What is your ZEISS moment?


"The moment you are closer to nature than ever before" - this is the promise that comes with every single Carl Zeiss product. Now we want to know exactly how your own special moment came about. From the deer in the back garden to the long awaited glimpse of a rare bird - we look forward to hearing your personal experiences. Tell us about your perfect ZEISS moment. With luck you could win a pair of ZEISS CONQUEST HD 10x42 binoculars.

Your ZEISS moment

Out into the great outdoors.


Spring and Carl Zeiss Sports Optics invite you to discover nature. We have done some extensive research into the events where we have a presence and found out what you as an enthusiastic nature lover and birdwatcher really shouldn't miss in 2013.

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Compactness, light weight and high optical performance – these are the properties of the new CONQUEST HD 32


Whether you are traveling, hiking or simply enjoying the delights of nature, nothing will remain undiscovered with the new CONQUEST HD 32 models. They are your ideal companions for daytime viewing. This is all thanks to the HD lens system of the CONQUEST HD binoculars which ensures outstanding image quality and excellent color fidelity. The LotuTec® protective coating guarantees clear visibility in any weather. Perfect ergonomics and simple operation make the new CONQUEST HD into robust and compact companions in daylight conditions. Quality and design from Wetzlar.




Today, Carl Zeiss is starting the next optical revolution, and is setting a whole new standard in the premium segment through the innovative optical concept of the globally unique VICTORY HT binoculars. The VICTORY HT products give unrivalled brightness and contrast, and lengthen observation times dramatically. The VICTORY HT have a unique appearance, and proves that innovative, elegant design, can be entirely compatible within a compact structure.


Increased expertise in Nature & Lifestyle


Get to know our new team in the department Nature & Lifestyle